Solved my pill bug problem

wonderpets(7 TN)August 2, 2011

I've posted on here several times over the past two years or so about about my pill bug infestations. Yes, I know they aren't harmful and do their own part, but I didn't like them and was truly run over by them. At times, it looked like, by weight, I had more pill bugs than worms.

Solution? New bin, new worms, absolutely positively nothing added from the outdoors -- no leaf litter specifically. I put my cucumber bits and tomato pieces from my garden in there of course, I just don't add things that could have the pill bugs in the first place.

My original worms were from freecycle and came with leaves and paper and such as their bedding. What I'm using now came from a local supplier that I'd met at a community farm and observed his worm factory in use. The sheer fact that he had no pill bugs is why I shelled out the cash to get my worms.

Of course, this isn't the solution for everyone. I just wanted to share what ultimately worked for me.


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Hi Gena,

Nice solve for the problem I know has vexed you for quite a while.

I guess the key is observation. Like overfeeding, or too much moisture. See, try learn, apply lessons learnt.

Well Done!


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wonderpets(7 TN)

Thanks for the atta' girl, Jay. The worms are a lot more fun now.

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