Latest pictures of my strange new morning glory

nkrzAugust 12, 2008

I have been watching how the flowers change their pattern shape. First I just had a light blue tinge around the outsides of the flowers, now I have a star shape. I love how this flower looks!

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susiemw(z5, Indiana)

gorgeous!! How can you not love morning glories?!!


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The purpurea with the light blue edge looks very interesting and because it is growing very intertwined with at least 2 other different purpureas,the unusual seedpods really need to be tagged to attempt to isolate this unusual type as much as possible...

Ipomoea purpurea readily cross fertilize with any other Ipomoea purpurea and this type with the unusual light edge should be tagged to lessen the chances that the seeds collected are something other than the nice blue one with the lighter edge...

Hope to see the unusual type perpetuated a 'cleaner' sooner than somehow later....

Best Regards,


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I would say in this particular situation because your Unusual Morning Glory is so unique and beautiful, it would be worth ripping out the other vines so it could grow by itself without a chance of crossing.

I have lots of seedlings that are very rare that I could send to you for a trade of your seeds and some cuttings of your Unusual Morning Glory.

I also have some Yellow MG Plants.

And, I also just posted on your other Thread


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Ron, I have indeed tagged the vine where the seed pods are coming off the newer vine. I've been cutting off the white one as I tag so I wont get them confused lol. The only thing that saddens me a little is that I'm only getting a few seed 'arms' coming off the vine, where I was hoping it would be loaded with seeds. But fear not, I'm guarding those buggers with my life lol. What did you mean by 'cleaner' by the way?

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Hi nkrz,

Glad to know that you are tagging the seedpods as this will certainly help to insure that any seeds collected will be of the new type and not mixed in with the seeds of the other purpureas that you have growing very close to the flowers of the new type...

Regarding your question:

"What did you mean by 'cleaner' by the way?"

I will elucidate as follows...

The ideal approach would be to hand pollinate the flowers of the new type to insure that the flowers are definitely selfed (i.e.,self pollinated,and only self pollinated) from the new type and to protect the blooms from the pollen of any other purpurea...

This would produce the cleanest (!) seeds for growing the type out for any further selections...

The fact that you are at least tagging the seedpods of the new type (short of actual hand pollination to insure selfing of the flowers) will certainly yield seeds that are known to be from the new type and reduce the collected seeds from being intermixed and tainted with the seeds from the MW and /or the SOY...

The closer the seeds collected / distributed are to being properly tagged and the result of definite self pollination the closer the seeds are to:

1) definitely being from the new type

2) seeds that are more likely to contain the genes responsible for the nice light outer edge

A seed mix that is likely to contain seeds from several different types is a muddier or 'dirtier' mix and would require more time,effort and energy to isolate the interesting features of the new type with the lighter edge...

So therefore A cleaner sooner is better than a 'dirtier' later...

Glad to know that the seeds are being properly tagged and that the tagging will result in the seeds being closer to a 'cleaner sooner'...

Looking forward to the variations that the light edge type will produce...



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Here is a link that may be useful for those people who may be interested at some point to hand pollinate Morning Glories...



Here is a link that might be useful: How to hand pollinate Morning Glories

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Just figured I would let the three know who wanted seeds for this pretty flower, that the seeds are going to be ready within a few days.

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Very Pretty... It is so much fun to see how they turn out. Ron thank you for the thread. I am new to the morning glory and Fran has been teaching me alot too. Thanks for all the wisdom. You are lucky lucky to have such a neat morning glory. Barb

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