Hardy Kiwi - strength or roots

granite_grrlAugust 7, 2008

I am still trying to figure out a place for a kiwi vine that I bought last spring. I have decided one of two places along our fence, but my husband is sugesting next to the deck by the house to grow on a trellis we have there.

The trellis needs something and the Nelly Mosher Clematis I had growing there died a month or two ago. I'm just worried about planting the kiwi so close to the house and I'm thinking it'll out grow this small trellis faster than I'd like.

What kind of root system do hardy kiwis develope? And the tend to get rather big over the years, don't they?

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In my experience, I've found there are two important things to keep in mind. It needs to be planted in a moist area and it needs plenty of room to grow. They grow amazingly fast and do get huge.

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btw, do u happen to know if your plant is a male/female?

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I have no idea if its male of female. Do all males eventually become varigated, or is that only a particular type? It didn't get any flowers this year either.

Its an interesting vine, but not one that I know many people have in their gardens around here.

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I believe you have the arctic kiwi vine, or variegated kiwi. Its not the fuzzy kind in supermarkets but a soft skinned, grape-sized variety. The reason I asked is because you have to have both male and female plants to produce kiwi fruit.

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Sorry, mine isn't variegated, I was thinking of my friend's who actually has a male - female pair. I only have the one vine so it obviously won't be producing. I just bought it 'cause I kinda like the look of it.

Perhaps once I get it to flower and know its sex I will try to find one of the opposite.

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