transplanting trumpet vine shoots???

mandie1001August 5, 2007

Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there knows how to take a shoot off of a trumpet vine and transplant it. I have a large (probably close to 20 years old) vine at my house, and it sends shoots off of it.... which we enjoy since there is plenty of room for it...but I would like to make a few starts to cover some old telephone poles on the property, and some other ugly things. I do know that this plant can be insane, and hard to control.... but that is okay because of where I want to plant them, I dont have a small yard and I dont have neighbors that they would bother. Does anyone know how to reroot the shoots after taking them out of the ground??? Thanks for any help!

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Doesn't your vine send out runners/suckers? They should have plenty of roots on them already. Just rip them out of the ground. If yours don't I have plenty that you can have! lol

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I have had success rooting tip cuttings. But when I pull volunteers with roots, they die quite quickly?

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