ARUM(7)August 19, 2007

Ron, why do some of my Blue Silk MG's produce seed, and the others not? Also the Wisteria Tye Dye dosen't seem to be making seeds at all? Thanks, :) Arum

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The lack of seed production on the JMG's is often the result of insufficient pollination which is compounded by the behavioral/structural problems seen in the reproductive parts e.g.,failure to fully mature and premature senescence(the anthers and/or stigma ages extremely rapidly,turns brown and is dysfunctional)...

Learning how to do simple hand pollination is very easy and very helpful...look for the anthers that are fluffy looking and loaded with pollen and transfer that pollen to the stigma of flowers that are not showing fluffy pollen...

A fine animal hair painters brush like artists use for fine detail works well for transferring ripe can also use the pollen loaded stamen like a paintbrush held in a tweezers to 'paint' the surface of the receptive stigma...

Taking a closer look at the parts involved will open up an entirely new world of fascination as well as help with seed production...

Take a Good(!) look through Dr.Yonedas website...Read the entire Beginners Guide and become familiar with the most important parts...

Hope that helps to increase your seed harvest...



Here is a link that might be useful: Dr.Yoneda's Morning Glory Encyclopedia database website

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Thanks for the great link. I think we are short of honey bees. :(

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Arum I was having the same problem with my Gypsy Bride which was one I really wanted seeds from. I tried the hand pollination and I think it might have worked. I'm seeing a swelling at the base of some of the spent blooms and they aren't dropping immediately after the flower dies. I just hope I have enough warm temps left for them to ripen. I might take it in (it's in a pot) and stick it under the HID lights in Oct if need be. My Moonflower vine did well inside over the winter under the grow lights.

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