UPDATE: 10,100 Traveling Daylilies

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)September 12, 2007

This round robin is an extension of a wonderful group of talented, generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade Daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one or more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

The days are getting shorter.....it's almost time for pumpkins, hayrides, & Halloween!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

"I am sending lots of love to mamma G. Does everyone realize what a wise woman she is? and how lucky we are to have her?" ~ Carol

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Well I, for one, know how lucky we are. What would we be without our Mamabear??? Kind of like the sky with no sun. Or a cookie with no chocolate chips. ; )

Very gentle hugs to you G!!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Gloria-Thank you so much for my daylily Susan Pritchard Petit YOU DID GOOD...I will have to say that is the latest Christmas present I have ever received..LOL You are special.

Debbie-Your daylilies are on their way. I sure hope the PO doesn't break and destroy the two items I put in with your dayliles. I finally got a picture of my gourd will post it soon. So tired I'm thinking of going to bed early.

Marea-I've not forgot the list.....forthcoming....WE NEED RAIN...it takes all my time to water plants.


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Mamma, if you want me to send frogalina to Marea, I will, as a gift from you. my boss owns another shop where she teaches tole painting. she makes cute things and sells them in the shop I work in. Frogalina has a green wood head and large feet, she is in a sun dress and sits on a shelf. she just made me think of you. your choice. you or marea ? hugs carol

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What would we be without our Mamabear???
A bunch of people using proper English... LOL. I kid. Hope you feel better soon :-).

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Gosh, Paul, don't you like riddles? :)

I haven't forgot about you. The Stapelias are blooming there stinkin' heads off right now.

Gloria, stop trying to kill yourself!

I love frogs!


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Mamabear one darn big box is in the mail.But it when out late this afternoon.So Monday you'll see it.
DC 03070020000463107531..sorry I took so long to get it out to you.But some of the dayliles just stop blooming..hehe

Hey all..waving hello..group hugs


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Hello, Thank you all for welcoming me. Although I don't think I'm 'officially' a member. Shirley and I haven't completed our trade yet. I've been having back trouble and have been trying to keep out of the dirt. Hard to do. We all know the very best days are when you come in at night smelling like dirt. :)

Shirley....My DH will be home this weekend and can help me get your daylilies ready. I'll e-mail ya! He is a merchant marine and is gone 21 days at a time. Boy! It's a gooooood day when he gets home. ;)

Mamabear....Yes, of course you can call me Roxy or Rox. Everyone does.....except my Grandma....she used to call me Peachie. I'm a little bit old to be called that now. LOL I hope you are feeling better soon. Ouch! Can't even imagine what you are going through.

WoooHooo rain is on it's way. All those rain dances I've been doing have paid off!!! Haven't seen any noticeable rain here in almost 2 months. I was running the well dry every day in August.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Quick Hi, to let you all know I am still alive,
All you around my zone better watch your weather, we have a frost coming Saturday, YUCK, I am so not ready for winter, I have 0 zero none zilch natta of my house plants in yet, have a great day all off to clean up the basement to start getting them in soon, will cover Sat & Sun, cuz should be warm again for a bit, them time to take it all in.. :)Anita

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Rox-You must be getting the same rain we are...My what a wonderful sound the rain is. I also have almost run the wells dry.

Since I won't have to water all day tomorrow I'm going furniture hunting. Looking for a brown leather couch, love seat and recliner.

Canna-I have something coming your way...I pray for Johns safety each and everyday. My son got out of the Marine Corp just before the War started or I would be a basket case. I can just imagine what families are going through worring about their loved ones. God Bless you all during this.

Sharon-I pray for your loved ones also in this War. Family is so important to me and I know to each and everyone of us. May God put his protective hand over them and bring them home again.


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Shirley...WellS....did you say wells as in plural? I would kill for another well. I keep telling my DH that we need a seperate well just for the landscape, but he's not goin' for it. Heehee

Been waiting for that rain all morning....I think it is going to miss us to the west. I see that you are getting a good shot of rain. I live about 80 miles east of Charlotte, and so far....not a drop!

Anita...I know what you're going through...I have tons of houseplants that I drag in and out every year. Last fall was crazy....I'd drag them in and then there would be 2 weeks of warm weather so I'd drag 'em out again. IN and Out, In and Out. We didn't get our first 'knock down' freeze until the first week of Dec.

Well gotta go....I'll be MIA until tomorrow afternoon. Got a Regional Daylily meeting to attend. And there's an AUCTION!!!! WooHoo....can't wait....wonder what treasures I'll find.


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Roxanne-Yes I am fortunate enough to have two, thank goodness I had them during this drought or everything would be dead. I have alot of relatives who live in Charlotte and around Marshville. Will get back to you on our trade.....Hope you find some good bargains at the daylily meeting.


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I got the biggest and bestest box in the mail today. Inside was:
1. A tolle painted cow planter.
2. A cow sign that has our name on it.
3. Song of Singapore DL
4. Tuscawilla Bill Talbott DL
5. Chesapeake Crablegs DL
6. Satin Bird DL
7. Sea Warrior DL
8. Sultans Warrior DL
9. Macho Macho Man DL

  1. Joe Marinello
  2. Mystic Spirit
  3. Darla Anita
  4. Eyes Forever
  5. Mad Max
  6. Navajo Princess
  7. SPC Picotte Princess
  8. Frances Joiner
  9. Cleopatra
  10. Flamboyant Eyes

Everything arrived in great condition, except for the box which looked like it had been through a war (our careful postal workers taking their usual precautions with our boxes I guess;0) It only took 4 days to go from NC to KY. Imagine that, and they say we can ship across country in 2-3 days. But in any case everything was alive and intact thanks to Shirleys careful packaging.

Thank You Shirley, it was one of the best boxes I've ever gotten. I'll also get a picture posted as soon as I can.


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Hello All

Thought I would post a list of my 'goodies' I got at the Fall Meeting. Most came from the sales table; some for only $3. The ones I reeeeaaally wanted in the auction went way beyond my budget. But it was a lot of fun and I think I got some good ones.

Chaotic Symmetry
Starman's Quest
Jim McKinney
Lilac Evening
Autumn Red - old one, but blooms really late.
Forsyth Mint Condition
String Theory
Moroccan Madness
Andy McGann
Mt. Pinatubo Embers
Mt. Pinatubo Sunrise
Mt. Pinatubo Sunset
Mt. Pinatubo Moonlight

The last 4 came as a collection.

Most of these are single fans.

Hope they all take off before cold weather.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

OMG! I got a box from Shirley today! Thank you so much, you made my day! I will most definitely share with my brother and his wife next year when it increases. I am thankful for all of you who have prayed for my brother and all of our soldiers in harms way.

I also wanted to mention that I was reading the latest AHS Journal and our very own Dianne was mentioned! It is in the Round Robin section and it is about the story behind H. BRIAN LEE and how it came about. It also mentions the Brian Lee Greenhouse. So cool, we have a celeb. in the house!

Roxy, our local DL club had an auction last weekend and it is always a lot of fun. I think we only came home with two cultivars. One that I did not win was PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY. If anyone has this one, I would gladly trade ya for it!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Roxanne, did you SCORE or what? What a list! I grow Autumn Red & Starman's Quest and find both of them to be keepers. Did you meet Paul Owen at the meeting? He is one of my favorite sellers.

Rebecca, I will gladly share my Palace Garden Beauty with you come Spring if you can wait.
Now I KNOW my 2007 AHS membership got lost last Spring - I haven't gotten ANY of the Journals ~ and reading that article about 'Brian Lee' would be wonderful!
Off to the AHS website for Donna's email addy... marea

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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

JUST joined AHS a month or so ago. Don't know why it took me so long I should have joined 3 years ago when I joined the local club. I use the term 'local' loosely; it is actually 80+ miles away so I only make a few meetings a year........Did I mention I live in the middle of nowhere! LOL
Anyway I got all 3 journals from this year in the mail on Monday. Been lost in daylily heaven every since. The summer issue with all the gorgeous pictures of the patterned daylilies has kept me mesmerized. Wow!

Dianne - The article Rebecca was talking about is so touching. What a selfless thing you did. A wonderful tribute to your son's memory; countless people will benefit from your efforts. You are an Angel.

Marea, Yes!!!! I did SCORE, didn't I! Even though the 'high dollar' daylilies didn't follow me home, I'm happy with what I got. LOL
Didn't get to meet Paul Owens, don't know if he was there or not. But Dan Trimmer was the speaker and I was talking to him beforehand in the lobby. He told me I wasn't giving my daylilies enough nitrogen; said he uses lawn fertilizer with a NPK of 24-8-16. He said it doesn't effect the blooming and makes them grow really fast. So of course I went straight out and bought some; still got about 6 weeks of growing season here.
He donated dozens of his intros for the auction. Really, really nice man!

Van Sellers and Victor Santa Lucia of Iron Gate Gardens were conducting a Garden Judge Workshop that I took. I'm not sure if I'll go ahead and become a judge or not, but I sure learned a lot from them. They both donated their intros to the auction also.

Can't wait for the Spring Regional Meeting....now I'm hooked!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

My Fall AHS Journal arrived! Weird I didn't get the others, but, HOORAY ~ I have that priceless little article about our Dianne & 'Brian Lee' !!

Roxy, I know why you're hooked! I managed to make it to one AHS meeting last year and was just flabbergasted at how friendly everybody was & what JOY it was to be with other daylily lovers. Thanks so much for talking about it & reminding me now that I'm close enough to get to the club meetings here... I missed Lambertson speaking at the Regional meeting 20 miles away this Summer - but will miss no more I tell ya! *grin* marea

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Mammabear, Frogalina is on her way, notice her skirt says friend on it.If you don't love her, please pass her on to Marea, she is a shelf sitter. I hope you love her. hugs carol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Until Cindy notified me, I didn't know a thing about the entry into the AHS journal. Funny thing is when I contacted John about it, HE wasn't aware of the inclusion either!

Cindy has graciously offered to send me her journal, which I will copy for John and mail him.

The anniversary of Brian's accident is October 3rd. As the weather cools and I start to put the gardens to sleep I enter my heavy heart days. The friendships here help ease my mood these days and I thank you all.


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Rox, hey, thanks for the information about the nitrogen and using lawn fertilizer. I've been doing that a little though ... when I fertilize the grass, I can't help but get a little in the garden ... now I will make sure I get more in there. I use weed killer about 2 times in the summer on my grass, and the flowers at the edge of the garden look sad for a week or 2 after I use that stuff. :o(

I also use milorganite on my grass once in a while, and I do make sure I put some of that in the gardens.

Diane, (((hugs)) from a sister angel.
Since I'm not an AHS member any more, if anyone would like to put the article here, that would be 'cool'.

Yep, putting the garden to sleep soon. It's looking pretty scruffy right now. But I'm in love with a new plant I bought this year. I put a Michaelmas Daisy (Aster) next to my sedums, and they are all blooming together, and that small area of the garden is a welcome site at this time of year. I'll put a picture of it on the our picture thread.

I've gathered all the daylily seeds out of the garden ... finally. Some took forever to ripen.

We are closing on my Dads house today. 3 of us are trustees and we all have to sign for the house to be sold. We are all going out to a nice dinner afterwards. Sure has been hard to walk into the empty house. I thought I was the only one that wanted to cry each time I went over there ... I can go to the cemetary now and be ok, so found it strange that the empty house would affect me so. I finally talked about it with my SIL, and she said she is going through the same thing. We hugged and cryed some more then. Just thought I'd share little bit with you. Not to depress you, but it was so surprising to me ... our emotions.

Hey, did I mention to you all that I'm now a full-time worker again ... yuck!!! Part-time is THE BEST of both worlds ... except when you need money. With DD at college now and DS to be going in 2 years ... well, you know where I'm coming from. I think I'm going to have to buy something for myself next spring for all this hard full time work ... a newer daylily perhaps. :o)


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namso(Z5 OH)

trying to catch up so may be a bit chatty...

Dianne, sure hope that journal has made it by now....its in a work envelope. nope, not trying to sell you a 50k golf membership :). ours are by membership referral only and were full anyway lol. do hope you enjoy. funny how john did not know either....must be in the AHS robin fine print somewhere....just seemed fitting you should have.

G! nice to see you are around. ive missed your sense of humor. sorry i missed ya on the last round, but bet Jean sends a big box. thanks for trying though....:).

Shirley, SHIRLEY!!!! i loved your pic of BRER RABBITS BABY ...need to trade for that one again- spring was not kind to new ones here. maybe next year we can try again if you hae more?

Marea, loved your pic of NOTHING BEAUTIFUL LASTS, but gee whiz, isn't that one that needs to be renamed? id rather have a BLACK SPOT. then again, i own a SLUG BUSTER so dont listen to me.
and....your MA x Sparticus, oh boy, love that cross.

Carol, congrats on the impending ggbaby. prayers out here too.

Canna & Paul - loved your pics. Canna- that Shrimp & Grits is outstanding.

Rox- Welcome. can you tell us more about the Mt Pinatabo collection? hybridizer et al? haven't heard of, could look up of course but it would be more fun to hear from you:). someone in your region? have you visited?
love my local club. now i have 2 in fact lol.
Our own Sherri signed me up for the Ohio Daylily Society, thanks so much Sherri!.
the only regional i have ever gone to has been the 06 National in Cincinnati, but its coming here (Columbus) in 2012.****yippeee**** other than close, its really hard for me to travel.

Sharon - I also ADORE that Chance Encounter x Bela Sera seedling. doesn't look common at all to me. nor does it look like either parent...what a mix! good for you. oh btw, i also loved the astor/sedum pic....what is the variegated sedum with the white flower if i can ask? i think i actually have one but would like to get more.

Dawn, loved the baby pics. MY how fast both Talon & Brooklyn are growing! Construction looks great as well, do you have an estimated move-n date?
mini-construction hahas going on here: we have a local concrete guy who is a sole owner & worker who we met while building 10 years ago. he also did our back porch a few years ago as well. Story #1 - we asked him to do an octagon to put a gazebo on.....he quoted finished...i went out to pay and he says....MY GAWD MA'AM....ive just created the biggest stopsign ever. lol. wants to get his crop duster buddy to get an overhead pic for his files...:). Story #2 - while he was here, i asked him to quote another pad for a possible shelter out back. he said no time and he would come back, never did hear anything. well fri i came home, it was poured. This guy has never asked for a downpayment, but always wants his check the next day its done, weekends too....its been 2 1/2 days with no word. poor thing is...

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I'm like one of those animated kissy faces, gratsi Sharon e Cindy
Yes, Cindy, yes ~ bulb swap ~


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Shirley - Your box is on the way! DC#03062400000028163245 I hope they do well this late in the season. Hope you like the little 'extras' I included.

Mareas - Lambertson! I love his daylilies. I don't think I could have missed that meeting! Right now I'm obsessed with the UF look. LOL Last year it was huge ruffles. Who knows what it will be next year! LOL I definitely feel the urge for patterned eyes coming on. :)

Sharon - Milorganite....he talked about that too; said you can get it at Southern States. He also said that Home Depot sometimes has 24-8-16 Miracle Gro. I just found some Scotts Liquid lawn fertilizer at Wal-Mart and used that the day after I got home. My daylilies really responded. They are looking much happier. Didn't know I was starving the poor things. LOL

Cindy - Hello, glad to be here. Gigantic Stop-Sign... too funny! Did you get a picture of it too? Don't know much about the Mt. Pinatubo series. There's only 4 of them, so not a big series. Maybe more to come? The hybridizer is listed as Peed Neal-Massey and they were registered in 2006. I think it is a hybridizer from Region 15, my region. Other people seemed to know them, but I'm too new to know anyone. I would love to go to a National. Someday? Maybe?

How long do daylily seeds keep? Does anyone know? I kind of went overboard last year and still have a veggie bin full. I didn't do any crosses this year at all.:( No place to plant them all. This summer I had a few new seedling bloom, but next year ought to be something. Can't wait!

Mareas...Cindy - I would love a bulb swap.


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Did someone say BULBS???
Oh great fun a bulb swap..hehe

Waving hello..hehe


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Happy Autumn everyone!!
Waving right back, Jean! I LOVED seeing your photos! Your gardens look so lush. I'm sorry you had to lose plants to that dang sidewalk project but the end result is still beautiful !

Mamabear emailed me back that she has too much on her plate to join in a swap right now. Please pray for peace & understanding to be showered on her & hers...
But so far there are 4 of us for a swap ~ thats a good start.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Would anyone else be willing to part with their AHS journal? It would be so much nicer for John to have the actual journal rather than a Xerox. Am I dating myself with that word?

Thanks, Dianne

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Diane, I was just gonna email you to let you know I will be sending you my copy of the journal. Happy to contribute ~m'

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Here are two reprints in this month's AHS Journal:

1 Delight in a sunny day
2 Wear your croiwn discreetly
3 Flourish despite the dirt around you
4 Never be blue
5 Mix well with others
6 Fragrance is superfluous
7 Every color, size and shape is the perfect size, color and shape.
8 Happiness is in clumps
9 Give it all you've got and then rest


Vol 62, No. 3 Fall 2007

One of my gardening friends, Dianne Pauseliou, lost her teenage son, Brian Lee, in a tragic automobile accident. She and I had often traded plants, and while reading her exchange pade, I saw she was looking for plants for a Memorial garden -- particularly a red daylily.
at that time I was hybridizing for purples, so that was about all ther was to choose from...But as I walked around the garden IL saw a forgotten clump that might be appropriate. It was a dark red with a brilliant golden thraot and unusual form. I decided to send Dianne a half dozen fans to see uf she liked them--something I hoped might be seen as a small kindness. I was not prepared for her overwheling reaction!
Dianne told me that my unnamed seedling would be forever known as Hemerocallis 'Brian Lere' (Curran 2002). I thought it might be a go9od idea to register this one, so it would be properly named and lidentified, as she planned to share it with her family and friends.
As 'Brian Lee' was discussed and shared, Dianne thought about the healing qualities of gardening. She works as the head nurse a convalescent home in New York State and had the idea that a greenhouse for horticultural therapy might be of great benefit to her patients. So, after much effort on Dianne's part and much waiting for grants to come through, I found myself at the opening of the "Brian Lee Greenhouse" at the grounds of the home.
I am embarressed to say that Dianne credits me with sprouting the seed for this when all I did was share a few fans with a friend at a time when there were no words."
-- John Curran, Manchester, New Jersery Spider/Unusual Form Robin

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If the send by date is the end of the month, then I'm in for bulbs. Marea, mamma liked frogalina, so she won't be swimming to oregon. I knew she would, trying to get her to post a pic so you can see why, I need lilly and amarryllis bulbs for forcing, just the amaryllis, for forcing, does anyone know where I can find a wolf tree face, not a snarling one. thankyou hugs carol

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hey, hey, hey everyone.....Happy October!

I'm still recovering from our loss to Arizona last evening. Steelers are no longer undefeated. We played very poorly to say the least. Really bummed.

Hi Carol! I'll keep my eyes open for a smiling wolf tree face. : ) So glad to hear that GGDaughter & GGBaby are doing well!! Yay!

Marea, Happy Autumn to you too! "The Things I Learned From Daylilies" is great! #'s 3 & 9 are my favorite's. And thank you for posting The Brian Lee Story for all of us to read. : )

Dianne, thinking of you! I say "Xerox". : )

Jean, BEAUTIFUL pictures as usual. I hope you get some more nice weather before the cold starts to set in up your way. I know it's a llllooooonnnnngggg winter for you.

Gloria, hope you are feelin' good and that Frogalina is keeping you company while you rest. : )

Hi Canna!

Barb, how ya' feeling? I have a picture to post esp. for you. : )

Roxanne, Hi! Are you officially a TD yet, lol?? I just want to be sure to give you a nice, warm welcome to the group. You seem to be fitting in nicely. Will be great to have another Daylily pro in the house. : )

Speaking of Daylily Pro's...hello Sharon & Cindy!

Sharon, Congrats on going full-time (??I guess??), lol. I use Milorganite too. We used it at the golf course a lot.
I remember when we had to sell my Grandma's house. It was pretty emotional. I pretty much grew up there and it was full of so many good memories. It's been several years now and I haven't been back past since. I think about it all the time, though.

Cindy, Hello! Stop sign, lol!! You have to show us pics...it sounds fabulous!
Your guess is as good as mine in regards to our move-in date, lol. Actually, we'd really love to move in late Spring or early Summer. I sure hope so anyway. Although there is still tons to do, i'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

We've been working on the "Bluebird Hill" project for 18 mos. now. DH made several really big accomplishments in the past few days.
The brick laying is completely finished! Not only is the house done, but he completed the entire garage too.
All the soffit & fascia is done except for the two front porch areas.
He is going to caulk all the windows this week and set the posts for the front porches. I'm so excited about the exterior being done!!
I'll post some pics on the other thread as soon as I have a minute.

Talon is 4 mos. & 1 week old! We see the Pedi. today and i'm not looking forward to baby getting his next round of immunizations. I'm dreading it. I hate to see him cry. I'm really on the fence about vaccines and if I didn't think it was important that he get them we would be staying home. : ) On the other hand, i'm totally excited to find out his current height & weight. He's so huge!

Sorry I haven't been posting more. Baby T. and I are just so busy every day and it's hard to find time. I've been pretty tired...

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hi! Barb here for a change!!

We have another GBaby due this spring - my prediction: Marie's wiry little brown haired brother. Since Marie's middle name is her paternal GDaddy's name, I think little brother's middle name should be Wallace, after my dad. They've got a Name That Baby contest going (shades of Dawn and Talon here :)

Isn't just like he's been parked on your hip forever now, Dawn? What a big boy he is!!

We've finally replaced my laptop, so I no longer have to wait for computer time. Maybe I can talk with you all more regularly.

Beautiful flowers, as always here.

Hello Rox! Nice to meet you!

Cindy, if you still have DL seeds to spare, could I have some? I think all yours must be beautiful if the pix you post for us are any indication.
I'm having trouble with this app - bye - back soon - barb

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Include me in the bulbs swap!!!!

Somebody has been going to the Lily Auction sight! LOL
You know who I mean!


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Dawn, First of all; congratulations on the new home and especially the new baby. I would love to have time to go back and read all the 10,1000 posts to get to know everyone......but.....I think I will just have to hit the ground running and learn as I go. LOL ;)

Am I an 'official' TD yet? Well, Shirley and I completed our trade.........I guess that means I'm one of the gang.

Hi Barb, nice to meet you too.

Who is runing the bulb swap?


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Hi All,
Hope you are all doing well,

I think from an E-mail I read mamma G can't get on again:(

Sharon, Is this person YOU going to the LA?

Oh, Mister winter is about at me, I so hate winter in NY, but I have no choice, my Brugs are in full bloom, loading up for another flush, I hate when I have to put them in the basement,
Hope you all are doing well, have to go do something even if it is wrong:)Have a great day all...:)Anita

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Just wanted to stop in and say HI...waving hello to all.

Hugs to Diane..have been thinking of you.Hope your heart isn't to heavy.Know that your are loved by your TD sisters

Welcome Rox..hehe

If we're going to do a bulb swap it has to be soon for me..I'm in zone 4...we're holding on to nice weather..but that could chance in a min around here..hehe.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)


C'Mon everyone ~ join in!!
I've volunteered to host the swap. Here's my idea:

Since we are in a hurry now to meet Zone 4 deadlines
~ mailing to be done on October 10th or 11th (or 10 days later for anybody not sending to Jean)
~ Box must contain some combination of 10, 11, 10,100, 10 ones etc
~ Send any bulbs, rhizomes, roots you think your partner would like
~ include something fun for Holloween (Candy corn for me, please)

Sign up list (please copy & paste with your name on it!!

1. Jean
2. Sharon
3. Roxy
4. Cindy
5. Marea
6. Carol

    Bookmark   October 4, 2007 at 2:11PM
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Marea-I'll be in too.....
1. Jean
2. Sharon
3. Roxy
4. Cindy
5. Marea
6. Carol
7. Shirley

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

What a surprise!

I received 2 packets of DL seeds from our favorite 10,100 HOLLOWEEN BULB SWAP host Marea! Heck, I was just havin' fun with my 'Pomegranate Plush'....didn't think i'd end up with those terrific seeds. I can't wait to start them. I'm going to get good use out of my beloved greenhouse this winter, since it will be my last. She also sent me a 'Nightwing' cross that you know i'm totally thrilled about.

Thank you friend. I'll keep you posted on the results. : )

Dianne, thinking about you. Talon & I send our HUGS.

Roxy, I think we can finally WELCOME you! Glad you had such a great trade w/ Shirley. Glad to have you join us.

Hi Anita & Jean & Shirley & everyone else!!

Awwwwwwww heck.....you've talked me into it Marea! My first trade after a looooong absence. I'm in! I would hate to miss a Halloween trade. I will probably need the "10 days later" deadline though, just in case.

1. Jean
2. Sharon
3. Roxy
4. Cindy
5. Marea
6. Carol
7. Shirley
8. Dawn

Thank you again Marea!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Dawn-So good to see you joining in this swap. Sure wish some others would sign up.

Hopefully next Spring we can do some posting about daylilies that we would love to add to our gardens. Someone in the group just might have one or more that we are looking for. I found some on Mareas, Roxys and Sharons list and we did trades. Now next year I will get to see all my new daylilies bloom. Very excited about it.

Cindy-Brer Rabbits Baby is yours next Spring. If you think it will survive I will send it now. There was another one you were looking for. Was it Cobalt Dawn?

Roxy-So glad you are in the group, you sure are welcome and a great trader. Thanks for all the extras you sent.

Anyone in the group will be lucky to get a box from Roxy she sure knows how to pack a nice box.

Anita-Come on and join the bulb swap I know you can plant bulbs now in NY.


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I've missed a lot. Glad to read up on some of us here. Rox welcome!

Marea thx so much for the special seeds. I will try them in the spring as instructed.
I haven't done a swap in forever. So sign me up for your bulb swap!
Oh and how cool to be in the AHS magazine with the heartwarming DL story!

.We are on borrowed time. Usually we've been hit with a hard frost mid Sept but not yet this year!! wee!

Dirtpig, waving back at 'cha!

Dawn, Isn't it blissful? Hope you are thru the spit up stage!

Hi Paul, Sharon, Rebecca, and Diane and everybody else- not trying to omit or offend;-0

I can wrap up my variegated dbl purple datura story. The seeds that I hand pollinated as instructed by Thompson Morgan seed co. were grown at Ball seed co and here this summer. As you might recall they did not show the variegation. The cuttings from the variegated plant I sent a year ago to Proven Winners Euro died. I kept the plant all winter as a houseplant as I'm zone 5 here.
I resent some moer cuttings this spring to Proven Winners Euro, and some survived but showed poorer variegation than they should for being clones!

This fall I packed up the whole 4 ft tall mother plant and Fed ex'd it to Proven Winners Euro where it will either make it's transplant or not. Either way it's been an adventure and I have to say. ..There are some very nice people in the plant industry. If you are dying to see this plant you can email me privately. I'm glad it's outta here. Having a one of a kind makes a girl nervous!

We sold our new little 4 mo. old colt for $1000 a few weeks back. He kicked out part of the trailer window as he said "goodbye"! We are retiring our mares uterus! She's had 9 in her 18 years...3 for us...

Well looks like a great weekend ahead. I know someone is waiting for their hay. Gotto go..

If someone is dying to trade for pink lily of the valley LMK,


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namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all, its a beautiful day here and i took the day off:):)

Daylily news: I invited Diane's friend and hybridizer of 'Brian Lee' John Curran to come here and show us some of his seedlings as a guest speaker :). I sure hope he does! nice guy too.

Thanks to Sherri- the new local is featuring Karol Emmerich as a guest speaker on Nov 4th!!!!. i am totally jazzed about seeing her and Sherri.

Barb- i have a few seeds left. there yours. will get in the mail before the month is out. thankyou for the compliment, but i only take pics of the pretty ones lol...hopefully there will be some in there. Grats on impending new GB.

Sharon - if you are on the la, i cant find you :).

Shirley- THANKYOU! your awesome and great memory too. Great idea to post wants.

Marea - thanks for hosting :):). i need the +10++ please. not at all ready yet.

Anita & Jean - i do hope the winter holds off for you guys. Jean - nice pics.

Dawn & Rox- i did get a pic of the stopsign. will post later, need to get it off the camera.

Dawn- so glad to see you in again too! do post some pics when you get a chance.

Roxy-Oh that would be fun if you got to meet up with the hybridizer. i looked them up and particulary like the Sunset. very pretty. No idea on the dl seeds :(, i always plant all mine. If you try, do let us know!

in that same vein, has anyone in the north tried winter sowing and wants to share experience? im seriously thinking about trying....

Karen - fingers crosses for great success.

who has no idea why some of this is crossed out.

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1. Jean
2. Sharon
3. Roxy
4. Cindy
5. Marea
6. Carol
7. Shirley
8. Dawn
9. Karen

We need 10 or 11 not 9 to complete our theme swap.

Karen I would love some pink lily of the valley, lmk what you are looking for.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

I added some new pics to the other thread.

Forgot to tell Barb CONGRATULATIONS on the new babe on the way!!!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning Everyone,
Welcome to our group Roxanne! You seem to have fit in wonderfully already! You will not find a nicer group of people anywhere. I'd love to trade with you in the Spring - you have some DL's I'd love to have. I am a lover of spiders also.

I would love to be #10 for the Halloween swap, but I too will need a later mailing date. Thank you Marea, for hosting this and thank you Shirley for the much needed kick in the butt to join in.

Dawn, hard to believe that Talon is over 4 months already. Time has really flown this summer. And the progress on the house sounds great. I'm going to have to head over to the photos post after this. I'm guessing there's some recent pictures of both.

Well the summer has really flown by for me also. Still working alot. My gardens have really been neglected this year. Have many pots on the porch to get into the ground still. I did manage to do a few crosses this year. I limited myself to only a few since last year I went way overboard and never ended up getting all the seeds planted. Does anyone know if seeds from summer 2006 that have been in the freezer would still be viable? Maybe a lower germination rate? These are the crosses I did this year. I'm hoping to get something nice out of the deal:

Zephyr's Song x Diamond in the Rough
Diamond in the Rough x Playing with Sharks
Darla Anita x Playing with Sharks
Playing with Sharks x Playing with Sharks
Samar Starfire x Playing with Sharks
Ed Brown x Playing with Sharks
Ed Brown x Samar Starfire
Samar Starfire x Diamond in the Rough

Can you tell I'm really trying for a nice deep red with a nice gold edge?

Have one of my kids whining to get on the computer so I'd better go for now - will check back soon.

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1. Jean
2. Sharon
3. Roxy
4. Cindy
5. Marea
6. Carol
7. Shirley
8. Dawn
9. Karen

Marea-You now have 10 for your swap, hopefully more will sign up soon.

MaryB-So nice to see you post sure miss everyone when they are busy.

Dawn-I went right over to the picture post to see the pictures. Thanks for posting all those great pictures.


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I need the extra 10 days and don't quite understand the theme, help please. hugs carol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Good morning, angels. The best thing happened last Thursday evening--my granddaughter Emma Morgan made her debut. 10/4/07, 10:43 pm. 6 lbs, 11 oz. 19 1/2 inches. Just as beautiful and perfect as her "big" brother Benjamin.

I'll post pictures as soon as Photobucket decides to play nice with me.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Congratulations Dianne!! Looking forward to seeing your new little Emma.

Dawn, Talon has got to be the cutest baby in the universe ~ maybe it's just because he is so used to being photographed already but he has so much presence & is so adorable. It gives me smiles all day when you post those photos..

Mary, what fantastic crosses you made ~ Holy Kalumba!! I predict you WILL get some very fancy reds alright! All of those are especially sought after on the LA & if you check out their progeny on Tinker's you will see that you can hardly miss...
Speaking of sought after: I was just flabbergasted to see seeds going for $25 EACH yesterday! Needless to say I was outbid on those blue-eyed wonders..
I read in the daylily forum that folks have had fairly good germination rates even after 5 or 6 years in the fridge.

Last call for the 10100 Holloween Bulb Swap

...Carol, will post particulars & partners tomorrow 10/10

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

not much action around here this summer huh? my update...after i got back from ga, i started waiting tables here. i worked 6 days a week for most of june and july, august was 7 days a week usually half of them were doubles. you can really tell i wasn't home, the gardens look like poo. with the drought there was very little bloom wise, but i did get to see a few new ones bloom. i didn't do very much hybridizing this summer either. too much stress on the plants and not enough time. i did do a few though. anyone want the seeds that lost tags? there should be some good ones. i think i have two baggies of them. i really held myself back in the buying area this year too, i think i only added 15 new daylilies...of course they were more expensive. went a little crazy with hostas and ferns this year. 70 new hostas and 9 new ferns. other than that not much is new, just working (although not as much), weeding and redoing beds.

i'm going to start dividing daylilies today, i'll list them in a little while.

sorry about taking so long to get back to you. do you still have lies and lipstick and sunday sandals? and are you still in need of almond puff? lmk

anyone have a fan of bridey greeson, princess diana, blue hippo or bluegrass festival?

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

alright i found my list of what needs to be divided this year or that i have extras of. in no particular order...
etched eyes
rock solid
grandmas smile
dolly vardon
siloam double classic
karen sue
prairie moonlight
double eyeful
missouri morning melody
spacecoast cool deal
flaming frolic
moonlight silence
spc cranberry breeze
spc bold scheme
edith sliger
midnight magic
blueberry frost
raspberry pixie
prairie blue eyes
jungle princess
black eyed stella
simply pretty
gentle shepherd
candie dwyer
cabbage flower
awesome blossom
lemon chiffon
heady wine
frank gladney
creative art
paper dragon
all american windmill
spring willow song
ferengi gold
light forbes
tequila mockingbird
full moon magic
solid geometry

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Cody, my wishlist is exactly like yours, with the addition of Tet. Lavender Blue Baby, Precious Candy, Holy Water & So Many Rivers.
I take it that was a "no" to joining this month's swap, so...


10,100 Holloween Bulb Swap PartnersJean & Sharon
Roxy & Marea
Cindy & MaryB
Carol & Shirley
Dawn & Karen

~Send box in time for Holloween and include something seasonally fun or delicious.
~Send at least 10 bulbs, 1 Holloween item & 1 item off your partners bulb wish list.
~Pack your bulbs/roots/rhizones in groups of 1 or 10 or 11 of each kind, such as 10 tulips (you can make up your 10 with whatever combination of varieties you have).
~Surprise drawing for senders of boxes mailed by the 21st...


Roxy, I will email you to exchange our addys & wishlists :-) Marea

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Cody-Yes I still need almond puff. So sorry Sunday Sandals is gone, our Marea has it but I still have lies and lipstick. Marea and I did a great swap for daylilies I got several I was looking for.
I liked these from the ones you posted:
candie dwyer
cabbage flower
double eyeful
edith sliger
grandmas smile
solid geometry
tequila mockingbird
I found alot that I have from your want list just need to make sure I have enough to divide. Will post those later.

Thanks Marea for hosting our bulb swap, now to figure out what to send Carol.


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namso(Z5 OH)

O happy days!

Dianne...many congrat's on your new GD Emma!. :) hope to see the pics soon.

MaryB....awesome to see you posting.. wwhhoo, i get to send a box to an old friend :). oh my....hints, wants, appreciated. i have very few bulbs, so ill be shopping anyway,,,,,,
oh.....your crosses sound awesome. i'm going to take it you were impressed with playing with sharks? i remember anita posting a really nice pic i think. wold be interested in your comments.

Dawn- awesome update pics. :)

Dayliliy want lists- mine are as low as they have ever been. i spent a great deal of time uncrowding this year and probably havent recovered yet. Right now its emmerich's Heartbeat of Heaven and a dip of Norris's i even forgotten the name of. haven't ordered anything at all though....except seed. cant seem to stay away there..

$25/seed Marea? wow. im really in control then :).


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hey Cody! Glad to see ya'!!

Congratulations Dianne and WELCOME Emma! I can't wait to see pics!!

I totally forgot to thank Gay!!
I'm sure most of you remember our long, lost TD Gay? Well, we had an unfinished trade from several years ago and to my surprise a box from her showed up the other day. I received several great DL's and the most beautiful hand-painted bag w/ birdies on it!! I will take a pic to show you all.

Not sure if Gay is able to get online or not, but thank you so much! I'm thrilled!

Also, to those of you that joined in the co-op run by Pam, she is now listing some goodies for Spring of '08. I've already ordered a gazillion different varieties of Alocasia & Colocasia, but the new '08 plants from TNN are listed now too. Wow, lots of stunners!!! If you haven't checked the co-op out yet, let me know and i'll send you a link.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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It's now 'run the heater' and windy weather. I did enjoy the longer summer. Thank you, Lord! I'm all for global warming!

Congrats Dianne!

FWIW I did email you back SHIRLEY thru GW about tradin'. I also emailed you DAWN about your swap box, but I'm not sure if GW gets the mail thru as well as the pony express! lol! :) Anyway, this is my first swap in a year? with TD so how cool to get Dawn as my partner. Thx again Marea for hosting.

I've got some reblooming DL- stella and mini stella are at it again. For the most part it's glorious asters right now. Like giant purple pillows!

That and kingswood gold ( chartruese) talinum (jewel of opar). Have you seen this stuff?
I posted about it on the ANNUAL forum.

Yep- Love Pam's co-op too! Waiting on orienpets ( oooolala!) and got some allium ( love 'em!) recently too. Not too sure about new '08 introductions. I think I'll let someone else try them out and report on Dave's if they are worth it. I love the feedback on plants there.

Laterrrrrrrrrr, Karen /cheerpeople

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Karen-I didn't get your e-mail, I can't receive mail through GW. Seems like alot of others have trouble with their e-mail also.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi Karen!

I didn't get an email either. Funny, 'cause every now and then I get an email through GW. It's really a shame that feature doesn't work right.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I sent a couple GW emails to Roxy that apparently didn't arrive, either. But rereading her post I see she didnt sign up for the swap, she just asked who was hosting it ~ whoops! Oh well, bigger reward for the early bird drawing for the rest of ya.

Karen, it is indeed "heater on" time around here! I was shivering from just the tiny walk into the office just now! I grew a little Talinum for a couple years - beautiful tiny flowers - I bet it is glorious as a mature clump. Photos?

Blooming here are my 'Fragrant Plum' rose and my 'Axelrose' Brug ~ smells like heaven! I have high hopes that the scape on my Siloam Plum Tree daylily will get a chance to flower too before the big "F"...

Happy sunny Sunday everyone, marea

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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Marea......no I didn't get any e-mail.

And YES I do want to be in the bulb swap......PLEEZE!!!!
My name was on the list so I didn't think to confirm I wanted in.

I'll try e-mailing you later and see if I can get through. Gotta go make dinner now.


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I have 7 of the pink LOV left, I was eyeballing your lilium on your trade list- but you might feel like me on trading them- ( I wouldn't!)


Um, It's too late for you to answer my undelivered email- as I packed your box already! Just need one more thing....I'll have to remember that GW doesn't deliver.

I sent a link to some garden pics to the TD group today. Marea the bright green/ purple pic is the talinum pic. Love it!

Get the DVD 'surf's up' Love it! Even got a few of the songs from Itunes now! Fun and clean!!

My dtr (8 y.o.) made a cherry pie from scratch today. Totally awesome. Come over for some while it's still warm!


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Shirley post a wish list please. I just love this group. no hassles here, and talon pics, the cutest baby in the universe at least untill my ggc is born. maybe if it is a girl we could promise them to each other, like the old days. hugs carol

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Oh boy oh boy, Rox & I are all set for swap box mailing & I'm getting a daylily too! *grin*
Love ya back Carol.
I can't believe its gonna be SEVEN MONTHS until daylily bloom time again. My new goal in life is getting a heated greenhouse to change that ~ LOL! Thank goodness for the LA with all those luscious photos & my digital photo albums... I posted a pretty photo that I'm currently using as my screensaver on our RR photo thread, in case any of y'all want a little shot of Summer. ~ marea

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Good Morning Everyone,

Glad to see all are doing well, Glad to see a few MIA people posting:)

This weather is crazy!! went from 80 to 30 & back to 80 in less than a week.

LOVE the pic thread, OMG how beautiful everything is.

So sorry I missed the bulb swap:(

I still have a ton of plants to dig & pack away for winter, but I did manage to get all my Brugs & houseplants to the basement before we got a freeze.

I so wish I could clone myself. So hope to have more time this winter to post.
:)Anita off to cut back hanging baskets & put away for winter.

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Cody-I haven't forgotten you, sure hope to check out some daylilies this evening and get back with you.

I have had company since Saturday. My cousin and her DH come for a week this time every year and hunt with my DH.
She did pass on the hunting yesterday and we went shopping.

Karen-That cherry pie sure sounds good and it always tastes even better when someone else fixes it. Will try to check on some lilies for you. It is calling for rain (Thank you Lord) sure hope it does so it may be in a couple of days when my company leaves and the rain is over.

Hi Anita I plan to start cutting my brugs and storing in the basement soon. I don't have alot of things that I dig up except my Calidums will be dug up and stored. This is the first year I have grown them and I really like them.

Carol-We love you being in this group and I agree these traveling daylily people are great. As for the wish list I will be happy with anything. Bulbs you can use anywhere and everywhere even if you already have some. I love Hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, amaryallis, to name a few.
Can you still plant daylilies there or is it too late?


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Message from the outer fringes...

At last, I have a computer of my own and a good enuf phone connection to even load this thread. Glory be! It's been ages. Turned out it wasn't only our usual lousy phone lines made almost unusable by the loggers' skidders chewing up the buried lines, there was also a short in the house wiring...

All better now!

So good to find out what everybody here is doing. I've missed you!!

Marea - if you'll verify your address for me I'll shop you a cute Sioux Falls Heuchera waiting for you in a pot.

Dawn - DD #3 is going to have another baby in the spring - if this one's a boy, you'll have to tell me all about little boys. There hasn't been one in our family since my father's birth in 1915!

Your Iris variegata has gone to town in our soil! I divided it and had extra to share.

Jo - I've been making warm sweaters and coats for Italian Greyhound Rescue. Mill ends and remnants of fleece and stretchy supersoft fabrics are enuf to make cute little clothes. I always think of you when I do fleece projects.

Shirley, your Iris have taken hold. We sure need rain too! We've gotten the beginnings of the family garden and the white garden in, as well as Irises.

We had a light freeze - the cotton and Castor Beans are done, now. We've been bringing in plants from the deck. I've reduced houseplants down to a more reasonable number. Our variegated Jasmine is really going to town!

I sent off a few things to T's bulb swap. The Brugs are cut down and I sent off some cuttings to the swap.

Susan, your Apricot Moon Flower plants did well but didn't make it to bloom. We had so many cool nights all summer, even the tomatoes were unsure.

Dawn, we logged off some huge trees and the hawks circled and screeched so that I wonderded if they felt lost, or lost nests. These last few days we hear the Owls courting.

We still have pods on Pardon Me. Gina Louise had several huge ones - last one picked Monday. Autumn Minaret is still blooming way up there in the clouds. I think I need Sears Tower too...

Karen, I grew Talinum Kingswood Gold from seed. Isn't it just the cutest little thing! Fat round chartreuse leaves with teeny pink flowers on looong wiry thin thin stems, and a million little jewel-like round seed pods. Such a silly l'il plant. We bring ours in and it's pretty all winter, too.

I brought in a big potted Hidden Ginger Deni's Meghan sent - no idea if that's a good idea. Anybody grow these indoors?

Dianne - Wonderful news of brand new Emma Morgan! What a pretty name!

Cindy, thanks. You have been so generous to me.

I'm leaving so many of you out - I'll have to catch up again. >


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hey Barb! I totally forgot to post that pic I took esp. for you. I'll do it right away. Wouldn't that be fun to finally get a boy in the family? We really didn't have any boys either and it's been so wonderful!
Glad your Iris are doing well. They are so eye-catching in the garden.
You plant so many neat things....i'd love to see your cotton. I started it from seed a few years back but the seedlings croaked. : (

Hi Anita! I forgot to write you back...but no worries. Things happen. : )

Karen....your package will be going out just as soon as I get something in the mail that I would like to include in your box. : ) Hopefully by tomorrow or Sat.

We're still missing so many of our members. Hope to see more of you checking in soon!

For those of you interested in taking a peek at the exterior lighting I ordered for the new house, I posted pics on the other thread.

I'm also headed back over there to post a pic for Barb...but you all may like to see it. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Thank you Karen!!
My 10,100 Holloween Bulb Swap package arrived yesterday...WOW, what a grrrreeeaaaat box! She included some of the coolest bulbs along with so many other fun things!
I have to head out the door....babysitting Brooklyn today. But I will detail the fabulous contents of my swap box a little later when I have more time. It's way too much to type, lol!

Thank you so very much Karen! I LOVE everything. : )

Sure hope I get what i'm waiting on so I can send yours along by tomorrow (tapping foot).
: )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Thank you Sharon =)

Recieved my swap box today!
Hehe..You wouldn't believe the awesome card that came with it!!Its heavy so I'm thinking its going to play music.hehehe
So I'm opening it and holding it this way and that,waiting for it to play.Awww its broken already.Darn post office broke my card.Sigh so I decide to read it..hehe..Sharon runs down the list of great things she sent me then tells me to push the pumpkin on the front of the card.Well I'll be,if that didn't work.Lites up the whole card up.Its a haunted house and the windows glow.Its just to cool.You can see it in the picture on the picture post.

Love the skellie napkins..just to cool
Oh Oh and the BAT !!! Wait to you see him..EEKKK!!!
Spider Web for the little spider to play in.
Oh yes CANDY too..sugar babies You shouldn't have.Smiles
haven't had sugar babies in years!Milk Duds,Whoppers, Tooties pops and Reese's pieces.

Ok for the BULBS
Tulips,tulips and tulips
10 Darwin,Van Eijk,Reds
5 Fosteriana,Princeps,Reds
5 Fringed,Crystal Beauty,Reds
Good thing I LOVE Red Tulips and you just got
to love the Fringed ones.So beautifully!!
3 Pink Diamond
5 Darwin Hybrid,Ollioules,Pink
25 Giant Crocus,Mixed..been planting these in my
yard(in the grass).Its kinda of cool to see the grass
fulled with blooms.Now if the darn Squirrel would leave
them along..hehe
5 Scilla siberica,Star of Holland

Thank you,thank you.Love everything.Big big smiles
Now if someone would just take the rain away.Really really
hard to plant in the wet and mud =(

Now the wait for spring to see everything bloom..hehe
Its isn't even winter yet and I"m talking about spring.
Lord its going to be along winter..hehe

Big hugs to all..
Waving to Anita


PS Just in case your wondering Sugar Babies and orange juice Don't Mix well...Yukkk!...hehe

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Back from babysitting already...Sis had a short day. I have to run for diapers, but thought i'd make a stop at home to let Talon rest for a while. Brooklyn is so smart....she was having her lunch and performing one of her new accomplishments....blowing on her food to cool it down. : ) So adorable!

Here are my goodies from Karen...

* 11 Pink Lily of the Valley (Yay! Wanted those for a long time!)
* Amazon Lily (This looks very cool)
* Pregnant onion (I love this, esp. since I was just preggo!)
* Ornithogalum Saundersaie (Looked it up...gorgeous bloom)
* 3 Glads
* 2 Canna 'Louis Cottin' (Yay!)
* 2 Canna 'Tropicanna Phaison' (Oh joy! Wanted that forever!)
* Calla aethropica (Goin' in the pond!)
* Liatris pycnostachya seeds
* Castor bean 'New Zealand Purple' seeds
* Amaranth 'Purple $h!t' seeds(Karen, is that name for real? LOLOL!)
* Black Hollyhock seeds (I LOVE Hollyhocks)
* An adorable black & orange bead bracelet....yes Karen...Talon loves it! Perfect!
* The cutest....and I mean cutest candy corn earrings you'll ever see. I will take a pic and show you. Can't wait to wear!
* Last but certainly not least....chocolate!!! Dove...mmmmmmm. I put them in my truck and have been snacking on the road. : )

I can't thank you enough Karen. I'm so excited to pot some of the stuff up to grow in the greenhouse. Do you think I can pot up the O. saundersaie now and grow it in there over the winter, or does it have to be stored?

Jean, wonderful box from Sharon. Too bad about the card.

I've about had it with the USPS. I bought baby T. a tiny parrot costume and it's lost in space somewhere. I'm so dang mad. Where does all the lost stuff go???

Hey Canna!! That pic of your sweeties is so cute. What a good helper she is! How is school going? And what are the kids being for Halloween? Have they decided?

Hi Carol!! Besides being the funniest gal I know, you're pretty dang sweet too. : ) I'll let Talon know he may have a wife already. ; )

Hi Shirley! Got any fall pics? I enjoy seeing your blooms!

T-baby is waking up so I better get a move on.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Oh good It arrived! I was just checking to see!
I tried the O. saundersaie as a houseplant but unlike pregnant onion, it makes a lousy houseplant. Just bare bulb it in a cool dark place and when it wakes up it will not know it is not still in S. Africa!

Jean sugar babies and OJ? yup sounds like yuck!

Got my first cell phone in 8 years. Cool!

Oh I so love these orienpet lilies! My co-op box just arrived. Yeah!
Will be a-plantin' this weekend!


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Thankyou all for your kind words, no wonder I love ya all. heard from mamma her back is out, and she has a new store she would like us all to come say hi, Talon just keeps getting cuter. still 4 or so months until his wife is born, hope its a girl. My plants are swimming in all this rain, I am molding. sure hope it stops soon been continuious for three weeks now. hugs green carol

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namso(Z5 OH)

carol-you are too funny. :)

Nice pics and boxes all!

ADVICE- Does anyone grow grape plants, if so do you (can you/should you) cut them back now? how far? i got some in a trade awhile back and much to my surprise they grew. and grew. and then collapsed the structure they were on. DH is going to rebuild and it would be so much easier to cut them back.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi Cindy!

Growing grapes at home is fun! It does require yearly pruning and a very strong support. But that is easy to do. There are several different ways to train grapes and some are better than others depending on the variety. Do you know what you have?
Also, for most varieties pruning should be done in very late winter or early spring. Grape plants are very forgiving and respond well to pruning.

I'm growing Concord right now with plans for several other varieties and a really large arbor that I will be able to walk & sit under.

If you know what the variety is I can give you some better tips on pruning and options for different ways to train for optimum grape production. But basically after the first year of growth i'ts a good time to pick the thickest or strongest vine that is coming from the ground and prune off side shoots. That will be your leader.

We love to eat grapes right off the vine...Yum! But we are also hoping to try and make a few bottles of wine someday for fun.

Talon & I just ran over to the new house to take DH the rivet gun. He forgot it and couldn't do much without it. He is hanging the rest of the gutters this morning. Supposed to be like 80 degrees today so we'll be going back over to plant a few things and weed out an Iris bed (if the baby allows, lol).

Karen, Talon is getting a kick out of that bracelet. He loves to sit here and "snap" it. : )

Carol.... you need some Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover. Spray, let sit, then have DH hose you down. ; )
Hope you get a reprieve from the rain soon!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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namso(Z5 OH)

Hi Dawn, thanks for such a quick response! there are two varieties. they came with names, but of course i didn't keep. :). just remember one was better for wine and one for jam. i know i have both because some were green grapes and some purple lol. the best i can assume is the puple are the jam ones....havent seen much in the way of green jam.
i didnt try them though, was afraid of insects as they were already laying on the ground.

I will happily and thankfully take your general advise though. will wait and prune them down to one main vine, hopefully im not too late...think they are 2 years old.

*****more help please******anyone around???****- i need maryb's address. her box is 1/2 done and will be complete in a few hours as i plant :)
she is mia, probably workin :(.


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namso(Z5 OH)

Thankyou Marea for the address! you guys rock!

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

You're welcome Cindy.
I just have to share with yall about how I was a bad, bad person yesterday: one of Herb's friends came over yesterday to do some carpentry work and brought his girlfriend along. She is a delightful person & we had a great time chatting about just everything & I showed her slideshows of some of my photo albums on my 'puter and explained what daylilies are and waxed poetic etc, as you can well imagine from me. She was oohing & aahing, so I showed her the Lily Auction and then went outside to help.
When we came back into the office an hour later, there she was sitting in my chair STILL looking at the LA!! She turned around and said "Is "Brooks" a good seller?" LOL!! [the answer is OH YES]... I decieded my chair must be possessed!
I felt only a slight passing regret at having enabled another one... ~m'

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I received your wonderful box for the bulbs/halloween swap.
Loved the many tulips and hyacinths. The iris and the allium. Also the pushinia, which I planted with some of the tulip bulbs, hoping that is an interesting display. Also the lilies.

Wow! so many bulbs. I did find places for all of them though. LOL
Thanks for the ton of candy and the cute halloween container and the spider and web ... looked familiar to me. LOL

Thanks for a wonderful swap!

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Oh, Oh, Oh,
I forgot to say I received some crocus from Jean also. I saved a couple of these also so I can try and force them. :o)

AND I received the box from Jean on Thursday, but we were going out of town and I didn't have time to post or plant or even open the box.
Thanks for being so patient Jean in waiting for me to post about the box.

I just read about the other boxs everyone has sent, Great Boxes everyone!

Loving the candy Jean!

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Shirley, I need your addy, your box is one half ready, do you have any animals ? I am going to try to post pics of my yard it is 3/4 done, grass is up, dh did great job. thanks to all my gw friends yard is almost full of plants, this spring should be quite a show. when is the tdl get togeather ? I gotta try to get off work. sure do wanna hug you all in person. off work today, I just love doing the big pieces, unfortunately they tend to be funeral pieces, I prefer to do them to christmas music. there is a big black patch in the middle of my lawn, it is because my tomato pots were there and we didn't wanna move them until late. I'm gonna start cuttings of my all time favorite mini rose for my tdl friends who want one this summer, it is super hardy and covered with little pink and white blooms. as soon as they are started you can sign up for one. we need a game. I will help with the prize if someone comes up with a game. deni did great games. hugs to all rambling carol

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Karen....heads up! Swap box is on the way. I have the D.C.# if you need it. Hope you like!

I had so much fun doing my 1st swap box after a loooong hiatus. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Carol-I have yours almost ready to go....we got some of the most wonderful stuff ever today....RAIN...so greatful for it to. Will finish up a few things tomorrow evening and mail Wednesday. Gloria has not set a definite date as of yet for our Tennessee cabin get together but probably in the Spring. I can't wait to see who all will get to come. My family has a cabin rented for Christmas again this year there. We have a grand time being together, shopping and seeing one of the many shows there. We just got a Husky dog about two months ago, that is the only pet I have.
Will e-mail you my address.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I have fun just lurking on yall's trades! There are surprise boxes going out to the winners of the early senders drawing...

I have a smart brave pacific tree frog and 5 cats.
We should do a pet survey again ~ see who lives with what.
Maybe we could do that for post 10.110. *hint Dawnie??*

Rox, I put your box in the mail this afternoon & have conf
No. if necessary. I sent you a medley of species & probably didn't obey the rules of the swap as usual but it was a box I'd like to get so I hope you're pleased.

Rebecca/Canna ~ You are right, I LOVE Moroccan Madness! I did some pollen dabbing with Bradley Bernard, Wild Horses, Starmans Quest in hopes of that kind of intricate pattern, yum!


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I can't wait! Maybe today is my lucky day. Come on mail lady!
I just won my ebay auction to get black label tape for my p-touch for plant markers. Yeah! and cheap too- $8 incl shipping. Staples wanted $27! ! ha!

I googled a smart brave pacific tree frog. Do you keep that in your house? Where do they come from? I have green ones in my canna- but- I dig my canna so- do they hibernate in the dirt, make a marathon trip from the creek?? For that matter- I got a water frog in my water container garden. He was 2 " long. Now how did he get here? The creek is a ways. I'd think he'd dry out AND get squished by cattle getting to my garden. There is no close water source for him to swim up! If anyone knows how they survive -20F and show up next year I'm curious......

My amorphs are tipping over and coming in. It' so cool to see the bubls! I think my biggest bulb is 5-6# this year.

Kids are off for a half day today. They are they going to learn how to sweep, mop...

My mare BUCKED off my 8 year old. I couldn't believe she would or could. We are all ok. I do have trust issues with that mare now...

Did anybody look at my photo link I sent to TD group ( not GW)? Just curious.

My 'giant white' calla from the co-op was so tiny- but it has doubled it's leaves as a houseplant. Looks very happy in the W window.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Karen, i watched the slideshow of your photos about 4 times ~ I just LOVE your landscape/yard/gardenscape!! I'm sorry I didnt post right away about it somewhere. Your Sweet Autumn clematis is utterly beautiful there on that corner! I have a baby Sweet Autumn that bloomed for the first time this Fall & I hope becomes as lush & dramatic as yours someday.

I doubt most people describe Pacific Tree Frogs as smart & brave, LOL, but since this one has managed to live in my pot ghetto out there for six months while hunted by house cats, I think he deserves the title. The closest tree here is 100 yards across the highway so I'm with you about where DO the frogs COME from?

Off to google tree frogs and amorphs ~m'

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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

Marea, Your box went out today DC# 03062400000028163979. I tried to be conservative on the bulbs like you asked. It was fun finding lots of other holiday appropriate items. I hope you like everything.

It has been a busy daylily week!!! An older couple in my Daylily club has been re-working and downsizing their garden. Age and health has made this a necessity. I've spent several days helping and have come home with about 10 last week and 20 new daylilies yesterday. Several of us were there helping and we all came away with 2-3 fans of each. Don't even know for sure what I've got yet. Need to get in there and write them all down. WoooHooo! Tomorrow the real work begins....I've got to heel them in until I can get another part of the garden ready.

Is anyone else totally addicted to the LilyAuction? No one here, right! LOL This year I've managed to hold myself down to just 5 seed auctions.
It was rough....but I just couldn't resist:
Julie Newmar X God Save the Queen
Asian Fairy Bluebird X God Save the Queen
Leslie Renie X April LaQuinta

Karen, LOL....I'm glad you reminded me I need more labeler tape also. Isn't ebay great!!!
I would love to see your photo album......you said you posted it to TD group (not GW) ...... I'm afraid I'm not understanding.... Is there another TD group? You also mentioned a co-op.....someone else mentioned it too....where would I find information on that?


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Karen...I didn't get to see any slideshow. : ( I hope your package arrives today so you can get to planting!

Roxy, i'm assuming Karen meant that she emailed the group her photo link, but I didn't get one. Maybe i'm missing something too???

And I think that would have been me mentioning the co-op. I'll email you the info. I think I have your address. But please don't blame me for all the money you spend, lol. It is truly addicting and the deals are wonderful. There are a few co-op's listed for spring already.....musa, alocasia & colocasia, Terra Nova....
I've already spent a fortune. : )

Carol, thanks for the rain. DH is going to have to paddle the canoe over to the new house.

Paul, are you okay? Been thinking about you & your family and hope you aren't in harms way.

Marea, I have some sort of wild Clematis (*I think*) growing over at the new house. I keep forgetting to take pics.

Off to Google wild Clematis. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Roxy, we DO have an alternate meeting hall & I've sent you an invitation to join in there as well so you can see Karen's beautiful photos.
Your seed choices are so enticing! Even an ugly duckling from those fabulous flowers will be awesome ~ I know why you couldn't resist!!
I've scooped up just one seed win on the LA so far this Fall:
Magic Amethyst x Tet. Lavender Blue Baby (yum..)

Im SO looking foward to opening my swap box & will remember to post that I received it right away. Thank you already, rox!
~ marea

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

I forgot to add that I'm praying big time for Paul - I think his neighborhood is right there in the danger zone, I sure hope not...

Off to send Dawn that Yahoo TD link...~m'

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Thank you Marea! Sheesh....I forgot all about the Yahoo group.

Roxanne, I sent you an email, but it was returned "undeliverable". I used the email address that Marea sent out to our group. Have you changed it?

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hi everyone. Yes, we're okay. Thanks for thinking of me.

I went camping over the weekend and came home on Sunday just before the fires started. An hour later, I may not have been able to come home. About 9:30 Monday morning, we were ordered to evacuate. The Seco Canyon fire was ~1/2 mile from the house with the Canyon Country/Agua Dulce fire to the east, Castaic fire to the north, and the Magic Mountain fire to the west, all within 10 miles. When push came to shove, it was amazing how much 'stuff' I was willing to let go as I was grabbing what I can. Kids and pets came first, few clothes, some treasured gifts, few photos, etc. We went to my parent's house and watched the news all day. Finally about 5:00 pm, they announced that the mandatory evacuations were lifted for our area, so we were able to return home safe and sound.

Today, the winds have died down and kids were able to go back to school. I can still smell smoke and see it in the distance, but the worst appears to be over for now. We've been through earthquakes and fires in the past, but never had to evacuate... forces you to think about what's important in your life.


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rockyridge(z7b-8a NC)

I just got back from the P. O. My box is already here!!!!!

Boy that was fast!

Opening it now......

First is a Stargazer Lily...love these!

WooHoo....2 well rooted Christmas cactus..will be a great addition to my Epiphytic cactus collection.

Wow!!!! Daylily "Create Your Dream" Thank you, thank you, thank you....CYD is gorgeous and a parent of "Destined to See" I am already thinking about crosses I could make with it next year.

Some "Dragon's Blood" sedum...love this stuff.

7 mixed hyacinth bulbs...Mmmm I can smell them already.

Oh Boy!!!! A Dragon Statue for the garden....where on earth did you find this? I love it!!!

A variegated Brugmansia cutting. Always wanted one of these.

8 "Cragsford" Daffodile bulbs

A whole bag of Paperwhites. These will go in the fridge to force this winter.

10 pastel mixed triumph tulips....who doesn't love tulips.

and finally.....SEEDS

Seeds from 5 different Daylily crosses..Love these!
Siberian and Japanese Iris seeds
Oragon King seeds....gotta look this up.


So many things from my 'wants' list....

Thank you soooooo much...I'm in heaven!

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Hi All,
Hope you are all doing well,

So glad to see that you have posted & you are all right, Sure hope DW don't mind the hug, but I have also been thinking about you & all the rest that are living with this senseless fire, I wanted to gag when I heard on the TV today they believe it my have been intentionally set, what on earth would posses a person?

I did not forget you again:) getting to town when the PO is open has become a major challenge for me now, as my GF that normally we go once a week has started a new job & DH don't get home till after they close, I will get your box to you, I will have to hold off a bit on your refund, as the IRS comes WAY before anyone:(

"Smart Brave Pacific Tree Frog" I would say he is:0) I love seeing them here, YES here in VERY cold NY. I often wonder how them tiny bodies can survive some of the winters I have had, I could do without the mating chirps, well never mind I will love hearing them again come spring, but after a month of them I can live without that sound:) SC Child Star is doing great, I am so glad my weather has been so great, it totally gave her time to settle in for me. Streps doing good too, Sedum, well lets just say I now know the name of what I already had all over:) Live & learn!

Glad to see you posting, I was involved with a Calla Co-op at the other place, not Yahoo & mine did absolutely Beautiful after the rain stopped & they quit rotting 1 right after the other, Oh I was so sick to see that much money just go to waste, but then i think about what I have spent on a few Daylilies that did not make it & think it could be worse:) Hey if you ever find out how we get them frogs I want to know, I just drained the pond for the winter & had 8 frogs in it, why they don't stay across the road & hang out in a real pond is beyond me? I so would not trust that mare either!!


Hope all is well with you:) Hey I think you need to visit your thread at the other place about Iris you posted, I have no clue how I missed that back in July? Did you get all your Brugs taken care of? I am doing some trading & postage for a few double / triples, I so can't wait till they are big enough to bloom for me, Then I will have to get rid of some of my singles to make room, but it will be well worth it. How did you make out with the Iris we traded? I think I did better than I thought I was going to, but really won't know till spring, I am seeing green on many that had none on, so I will hope for the best.

Hi Cindy, Jean, Mama G, Mary S, Mary B, Cody, Jo, Carol, Roxy, Barb, Sharon & anyone else in our group, miss you all & hope I will have more time now that I have about gotten everything taken care of for winter.

Anyone on here looking for any Brug's? I have a few cuttings rooted. They are only single blooms, it's going to be a bit before I will have any DBL's/TRP's to share. Well got run DH will be home & I have nothing for him to eat, YIKES...

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

what brugs do you have going right now? i definetely need some more

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It came today!!!!!
My box from the lovely Dawn!

Oh my goodness. This was so much fun. It was like Christmas in Oct with way better presents!
Here's what was in the huge box.

*a chlorophytum orchidastrum ' green orange' potted houseplant- soo cool- like flourescent orange!

*a buddy planter tool that is 6 inches long with a great handle and I can dig thru bricks like soil in style and comfort! So cool- will be put to use with the great bulbs! I needed some sort of tool for this- This is a Mercedes!

* 10 allium 'azureum'- I love blue I love allium. !!

* 10 'quail' daffodil- the bag weighs 3-4# these are huge!!

*10 'rip van winkle' daffodil-- I had to google everything of course- looks very nice!

*10 feather hyacinths !! Off my wish list!!!!!! ( muscari comosum 'Plumosum')

*5 tulip "atlantis' Oh those are so stunning! purple with yellow! These are my first tulips. How exciting!

oh and if that wasn't enough even candy for the kids and me- and yes they ate it right after dinner- I couldn't wait that long!

K says thanks and loves the 2 spooky cookie cutters.

and seeds- glorious seeds! sunflower heavenly goddess- which has me stumped on googling it. Plan for a tall type?

and a bean called 'dragon tongue'- spooky!!

Feels like I've been typing forever. Look at all the stuff she sent!!!
Well thanks for making this so fun and fantastic Dawn!!! Hugs! and Hugs again!

Now I'll have to type later- as Chef Ramsey is about to kick some ____(bins)!
And nobody kicks ____( bins) like chef Ramsey!


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Hi Cody,
Right now I have rooted cuttings of:
Milk & Honey
Peaches & Cream
Jamaican Yellow
DR, Seuss
Insignias Gold
Temple Goddess
Frosty Pink
Apricot Glow, I don't believe that is the right name, I got it from Susan (Axelrose) I miss read the tag & have never corrected it, so It is whatever she was getting rid of a few years ago. A few of us have it.
Can take cuttings from:
Charles Grimaldi
Candida Pink
Insignias Coral
I'm not looking for anymore singles right now, other than, I would love to replace the Snowbank Canna sent me that did not make it:( I think the poor thing froze in transit, would be more than happy to send now & retrieve a Daylily in the spring, if any trip your trigger, I need to move them out to make room for the new ones that will be heading in soon.:)Anita

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed your swap box Karen! I have a pic of the Sunflower...i'll try to scan it in later & post on the picture thread. It's like a light yellow...very pretty!
That Ames planting tool is on my wish list. : ) My old one has seen better days and I think i'll get a new one before they are all gone. They are so handy and i'm sure you will find many uses for it as I do.

Hi Paul! So glad you are all safe & sound. It's been really sad watching the fire coverage on TV. Just devastating.

Hi Cody, what's new with you? How are the chickens?

Hi Anita! Hey, how about instead of a refund you could send along some Brug cuttings?? If that works for you i'd be thrilled. I lost so many of my collection and i'd love to build it back up again. I already have 'Charles Grimaldi', 'Frosty Pink'& 'Dr. Seuss', so i'd be happy with any of the others. Rooted or not.
I bought the new Brug. 'Jamie' a few weeks ago. Variegated w/ yellow blooms. It's tiny now but i'd be glad to send you a cutting or two next year.

Me & baby T. are busy today....visit from MIL tomorrow. I need to shop for ingredients for "French Pumpkin Soup". It's cooked & served in a pumpkin! My sis Jenna tried it out last week and it was very delicious. Lots of cleaning to do too.

Happy Thursday,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Dawn, That sounds GREAT, Thank you sooo much,
Long story short our accountant underestimated by $2,024.00 for 06, I was supposed to pay it by OCT 15th, I paid it the 18th & it cost another $47.00, Put me in a big pinch, boy they get you one way or the other, so I should have not bought any plants for the last few months, But you cant teach an old dog new tricks, though DH is trying..:)Anita

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Cindy, You are a CRAZY WOMAN!

I had gotten an email from Cindy on Monday that she had mailed my box. She said she had no willpower when it came to buying plants. That was the understatement of the year. I came home late last night after son's football game to find a huge box on the porch packed FULL of bulbs. I will have to come back later after work tonight to tell you all about it. There's way too much for me to list right now. Let's just say I'm going to need a good full day (or more)of nice weather to get everything planted! Cindy, I love everything - thank you so much - you went way overboard. I have your box ready to go and will be stopping at the P.O. before work this morning to mail it. I had been kind of waiting for a bulb shipment I had coming in the mail still to send some of those, but it looks like that is not to be. If they come in within a few days and the weather looks like it will hold for you to plant, I will get another box out this coming week to you.

Back later with details. Have a good day everyone.

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Oh what fantastic boxes everyone is receiving.....Love swap boxes.

Carol-I got yours mailed yesterday..The bad thing is I sent it regular mail through UPS...USPS wanted $27.00 for priority...good grief I didn't think it was that heavy but guess so, so be ready. I'm on one end of the map and you're way on the other end so they go by weight and distance. Sure had fun putting it together. I hope you like crocosmia sent you some, they are a new passion of mine and I just ordered more from England. The newer varieties sure are hard to find. Besides daylilies the crocosmias were my best selling plant this year. Folks see them blooming and want them.

Anita-I decided to add more spacecoast daylilies this year so I could see them bloom next year so I think I have the ones we were going to trade for. I broke down and bought Spacecoast Behavior Pattern sure hope it makes it through the winter. Will check out the iris post, most of the Sibs didn't make it. I guess $2.00 sounds like a good deal but they were way too small for a new plant. Japanese, Louisianas, and Siberians that I normally buy are 4-5 times that size and they all make it.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Anita, unfortunately, my Snowbank brug did not return this year. We had a nasty freeze around Easter and it was one of many that got toasted. I also lost my three double brugs :(. They had done so well in the past in the ground. I also lost Susan's Axelrose brug that she sent me. It never did root for me and just shriveled up! I just wanted to cry!

Dawn, your brug Jamie sounds awesome!

Shirley, the DL you sent me Soldier of Fortune I goofed on. I accidentally planted it on top of some tulip bulbs! I don't know how I missed the bulbs when I dug the hole for the DL. Now it is surrounded by about 20 tulips poking out of the ground, LOL!

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