Wisteria Drying out I think, HELP!!!!!!

tennfescueAugust 13, 2007

I have two Wisteria vines growing up my new arbor/pergola. They were doing awesome even blooming in the middle of sumer when it was 85-90 outside. The last few weeks it has been in the high 90's (Chattanooga TN) and no rain (with a heat index of 110 or so). I have kept them watered but I might have missed a couple of days here or there. The leafs on the biggest fine are shirviling up and starting to dry out. I can squeeze a hand full of them and most will crumble in my hands. I have fertilized them and watered them again to try and help them but I am at a loss. I got these thing because everyone said they were next to impossible to kill but here they are drying up. Both vines are in full sun for about 80% of the day. I have set out a patio umbrella to give them relief from the sun making them exposed for 50-60% of the day. Am I right in assuming that the sun and high dry temps are the main reasons these things were doing so good but dryed up? And if so what can I do to gaurd against this besides be more dilligant in my watering plan?

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For Starters, do not worry. That Wisteria could burn up this year and it will be back next year with a vengence.
Second of all DO NOT fertilize your Wisteria.
It does not need it. I have two mammoth wisteria growing on my arbor. You can keep watering, but they shouldnt need it, and the sun should not be a big deal either. I would try to lightly shower it as frequently as possible but not drench it.

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