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bubbamommieAugust 27, 2007

Help! I have no idea what to buy/look for in a vining/climbing plant. We live in Southwest WA state, zone 8 I believe - our house has a large white trellis that is attached to a south facing wall, it gets a lot of afternoon sun. We recently removed an out of control rose from in front of it(no hateful comments please) it was constantly in a state of disease and wasn't blooming, it was a mess. The trellis was already there when we moved in, it's wood and it's old, in good condition, but probably couldn't hold a ton of weight.

I tried a clematis earlier this year and it died once the temps got too high - even with frequent watering.

Ideally I would like a flowering vine, that can take some heat, something evergreen would be great but does anything like that exist?

I have ruled out clematis and wisteria (I don't think the trellis would hold up), and also our house is gray, so I would like something in the blue/pink/purple/white color family.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

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You could try Sweet Autumn clematis, it isn't real heavy and the white blooms would look good against gray. I have mine in full sun, and since it doesn't bloom until now anyway it does great in the heat.

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