NOID & named Japanese Morning Glory

ruthzAugust 31, 2010

Gray Morning Mist

All the flowers so far have been about 2", I thought they would be bigger

Cocoa Brown Silk , love this one

a beautiful noid gray mixed in with Cocoa Brown Silk

A very lt. pink noid mixed in with Ukigumo

dwarf white picotee , 2 flowers and no seeds so far

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Beautiful Ruth! I really like the gray one!

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The Gray Morning Mist does normally bloom larger than 2". Possibly the weather. I have had the same thing with many of my MGs. However, last few days since the temps have dropped a bit they seem to be blooming back to 'normal'.
Your 2nd and 3rd photos are
Gray Haze
Your Pale Pink is
Pink Ice

Your 3 Blues look like mutations and are all Blizzards.
Very Pretty Too

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Very pretty!

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Emma, thank you for the MG ID's.
I really love the grays and browns.

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