Passionfruit Vine

mkb123August 24, 2014

Hi- Have naively planted 2 passionfruit vines to cover a trellis then learned that this will not be nearly enough space for these ever-growing/stretching vines. How hard is it to transplant these? I do not want to kill them. I heard a speaker on the vine, and now am scared to cut back too much, but I have read here about people keeping them contained. I am planning on a 8-10 foot wide and 5 feet high trellis. The gentleman said that you get your flowers and new buds on the new growth, so if I needed to keep it cut back as it has nowhere to go, will I ruin my chances of its bearing fruit?

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Well acquainted with this native, having imported it from the South, several years ago. The most impossibly invasive vine on my property. Worse than Bignonia or Trumpetvine.
Would always keep it potted, if I had to do it again.
Beautiful, but the fruit is small and too seedy to be of much value. Comes up 20 feet from original planting, but I let it edge my above ground pool and bloom. Sweet perfume not too pleasant to me, but people differ. I have the more unusual P. incarnata 'Alba'.
Maintain noncommercial blog at bogturtles garden at blogspot, and have shown photos recently.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Which Passiflora is it? Passion fruit covers a lot of species.

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