The Many Advantages of Not Harvesting

equinoxequinoxSeptember 8, 2010

Or at least one. The worms have somewhere to retreat to if conditions in the active area of feeding turn temporarily not right.

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Another advantage would be insulation for the worms during cold months since VC probably would not be needed until spring planting anyway. So far I have harvested about 10 gallons of VC out of the Box O'Rot in the last 2 weeks knowing that the 'crew' will replace this material shortly. By the time I set up the heating system, I want to have about 4" of material for the worms to work. This will make it easier for my to bury the rope light heater and VC production will continue uninterrupted until I start harvesting again in the spring.

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eaglesgarden(6b - se PA)


At the risk of completely changing the subject of this thread, can you give me some more resources about your heating system? A link to a blog is great too!


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This is a photo of my Box OÂRot and shows the red rope light with the line voltage thermostat:

Here I describe a RM tote heater I made for my wifeÂs wormery:

Wurmz iz e-z!

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