Kiwi vine

ethel_o(z4/IA)August 1, 2012

Has anyone had any experience with the hardy kiwi vine in zone 4?

I'm interested in the good points and the bad. Thanks


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In zone 5 many years ago, I planted a kiwi from our lowes store by our deck.
It did not do well, I thought wisteria would work nicely.
Not wanting to destroy a live plant I placed it in the the back yard, by a fence and it's growing very well.
I'm not able to tell that sex it is, this year I am going to plant a male and female in the vicinity.
I'll have some photo's when they get green again

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Hi Ethel,

I have Anna variety hardy kiwis and while I haven't had any flowers or fruit yet, the vines are beautiful with a tropical appearance. They grow prolifically and will need a sturdy trellis of some sort. Throughout the summer, I have to give them haircuts but otherwise they require little effort and are quite vigorous. I think the biggest problem other than the lack of fruit is its susceptibility to late frosts. It is currently late May and we haven't had any late frosts but I haven't seen any flowers either. I'm still hoping!

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