My morning glory pics

littleonefbAugust 19, 2009

Just took these of the first ones blooming. everything is really late this year because of the crazy weather.


Mt fuji light pink

mt fuji light blue from park seeds


unknown. seeds collected from one of my MG vines last year. It was supposed to be double blue picote, but bloomed a beautiful light blue. this year it is blooming lavender.

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Beautiful Fran!! I know the feeling about the crazy weather...My Mt. Fuji Pink bloomed today!! I like the lavender one!!

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Hi Ronnie,

these MG are blooming on 4 inch vines, it's crazy. The flower is bigger than the vine.

I like the lavender one too, but disappointed in it. I was hoping that the seeds would come true to last years blue flowers that where just beautiful.
Sowed 8 of the seeds, got 8 seedlings. I have 3 in the ground and one in a pot and my friend, next town over, has 4 of them. They are all blooming the same.

Just a sad growing season this year. nothing but established perennials have really grown well.


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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Pretty Fran.. It has been so hard growing morning glories this year... Brr too cold and wet.... I hope you get the Indian summer we all hope for... I love the colors...Barb

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You said it....everything is late in my area due to the cold wet summer. Hoping and praying that we get the warm weather to last a little longer than usual but you never know around here.

My morning glories planted late May are finally about to bloom. I found 2 buds this morning that will probably open tomorrow.

Moonflowers appear to be slightly behind as they are just forming small buds now.

Should be a pretty September on my balcony!

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