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rocks911April 22, 2014

I am having something of a drainage issue. My pool deck drain creates quite a flood some times and as that flood washes down the side of my house the soil is becoming quite eroded. I'm always having to shovel up dirt deposited from these Spring storms.
So I've attached a pic that should give an idea of what I'm dealing with. Its not necessarily a big deal I'm just not sure of a couple of things.
Would it be best to first put down weed block before adding aggregate, cause what I'm thinking is just dump a bunch of decomposed granite and top that with some maybe large river rocks. Does that make sense?
Its really shady on that side of the house further up from the wash where the pool drain empties. The drain is just a PVC pipe that just ends on the side of the house. Because its so shady nothing much can grow there so I was thinking a couple of inches of decomposed granite should hold everything together nicely. Yes?

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There are some shade plants, as well shade and moisture-loving plants, that could go there to help with soil erosion.

Otherwise, I can think of a french drain system that could help if the part at the bottom of the picture is going out to the streets or alley.

As for the gravel and stones -- I would definitely add weed block or some kind of landscaping cloth. It is to keep the rocks from continually sinking into the ground. You might achieve that with a sand layer also.

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I would recommend a french drain going out to the street or alley.. My neighbor across the street had to do this, his neighbors pool would overfill after a rain, and flood his yard right next to his house, It looked similar to your picture, He put it in himself and it worked like a charm. Barbra

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theres a bunch of utilities that run right through there. Not sure about digging it up.
I have a habit of over-engineering things but in this case I think I'll put some landscape cloth down and get about a half yard of decomposed granite and see where that gets me.

I dont want to dig if I dont have to.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

What about planting a rain garden there and let the plants take care of your drainage?

Here is a link that might be useful: TAMU on rain gardens

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PKponder TX(7b)

I actually like your plan to minimize washout by evacuating the water quickly. I am rethinking my plan for french drains because I have read that once they fill with loose soil or sand, they stop working and are difficult to clean out.

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As I see it this is just an occasional thing, mostly in the spring, so I dont want to over engineer an answer.
I went through much of the same thing in my back yard because my neighbors lot is a little higher than mine so when the Spring rains came I would get a lot of dirt and mulch wash into my pool. So I simply added a bunch of small river rock and I dont have the problem any more.
I have heard the same about french drains.
The picture I provided has a kind of a wet area of demarcation, forming a V as it approaches the downhill wash... I figure I'll cover the whole area with decomposed granite just to keep the soil in place.
Good luck on your project.

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