Help, want to build/install trellis panels..uncertain.

AdamM321(MA z5/6)August 14, 2005


We would like to build and install two trellis panels on the back of the house. The area to cover is about 9ft high by 3ft wide. I want a "working trellis" to grow vines on and from a casual look at the trellis panels available at Home Depot, it doesn't appear the wood pieces would be a good thickness for twining vines. I am thinking of growing climbing roses, but not sure. Might also like to add clematis and/or morning glory.

So if I can't just buy and frame an already made piece of trellis, that leaves us to build our own. Not sure what materials to use, how to construct, how much of a post has to go into the ground, whether to use metal piple and attach the trellis panel to those, do I have to hinge it to allow getting behind it, how much space should I leave between the house and the panel, whether I can actually screw holes into the vinyl siding?

As you can see, amateurs here. We have basic woodworking and tool skills and feel we can do it. Maybe we need a project plan or something.

Anyone here that can direct us to the right information?



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Maybe the link below will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trellis design

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How about using livestock fence panels? They are made of galvanized steel, are 16 feet long by 52 inches wide and cost about $15 each.

They won't rust and fall apart like those hollow metal tube ones or rot, fade and get moldy like the wooden ones.

They can be easily cut with bolt cutters, a welder or dremmel saw.

I've been making trellises and arches out of them for numerous years. They blend into the background when they are bare as they are metal gray in color. They easily allow you to twine the vine tendrils into them. I've used them for roses, mandevillas, allamandas, passion vines, snail vines, thunbergia and a variety of morning glories.

~ Cat

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)


Xeramatheum...thanks for that link. Nice site. Lots of good ideas for designs. Didn't see a place on the site that answered some of the questions I had though. I did like the pot trellis idea...I was thinking of doing one of those too. thanks..

Hi Cat...Hmmm...interesting idea. It sounds very practical, but here in New England on a small cape, traditionally wood trellis is more attractive for sure. I guess I need something practical and attractive. I love that idea for other applications in the vegetable bed area. I am not sure where around here I could find livestock fence panels though. Do you think they would have them at Home Depot? Very economical too.

I have my heart set on wood trellis, I am afraid. As expensive as that will be to make.


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