Vines for indoor art installation

art_to_growAugust 2, 2010

I'm looking for some aggressive, fast growing vines for a piece of indoor artwork/home decor I've just finished.

The piece:

Four 10 foot tree branches appear to sprout out of a 2'x5' base.

The base has a 3" deep rock garden for weight and to hide the apparatus I've used to secure the branches. I'm wanting to use this as a room divider and also a place to hang pictures, holiday cards, etc.

The branches would work great to support vines. I was thinking of putting many small pots near the base and training them up. The area is in moderate light, about 10 ft from a south facing window.

Primarily I'm wanting lots of VINE and not necessarily flowers and foliage. I know plants in the bean family can be like this. I would like a plant that grows fast and leaves a strong vine behind when it dies (grapevine tendrils come to mind).

Second, after I have a good layering of old vines I may look into more foliage heavy plants (pothos seems good for this purpose, but I have an adequate green-thumb, and would love to hear about something a little more exotic or unusual).

Much thanks! Any help would be appreciated.

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Pothos fills the bill, based on the environment you want it to grow in. Explore this species much more closely - there are exotic and very beautiful members of this group. I have about 4 different ones, but there are many, many I have never even seen, except through a search.

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