Newspaper bad?

takadi(7)September 17, 2008

In the article above, the author addresses supposed myths and claims newspaper and cardboard are more toxic and dangerous than most people think. Are what he/she says true or just hype?

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"newsprint is bleached, creating cancer-causing dioxins"

OH Brother!
Paper hasn't been bleached with chlorine bleach for around 30 years. These days pulp mills use Oxygen bleach, same stuff as color safe laundry bleach.

The only way for there to be dioxins in newspaper nowadays is if they are still recycling old newspaper from back when they did bleach with chlorine. Or its imported from a country that still uses chlorine. Paper is heavy and expensive to transport. Newspaper is the cheapest ( least processed ) grade of paper. Its cheaper to make our own.

As for the rest of his tirade i snorted my coffee when he claimed that newspaper has no nutritional value for plants.
However, it is true that paper has no nutritional value for PEOPLE.

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squeeze(z8 BC)

the guy obviously doesn't have much understanding of the compost process or the cycling of nutrients in nature .... but fosteem, the pulp bleaching process has, and still does release dioxins into the environment, he didn't say they were in the paper .... many mills currently use a Chlorine Dioxide process that's only somewhat better than previous processes

in addition, he's correct in saying paper/cardboard [carbon] have no nutritional value for plants, their value is as fuel for microbes ["carbohydrates"], which is the part he appears to not understand - soil microbiology

there's nothing "toxic" about paper or cardboard, they're just carbon rich materials quite the same as sawdust or dry brown leaves


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