should i bury food scraps?

CelbriseSeptember 26, 2012

about last week i had some moldy food put it in the middle of my container and let it sit their for the worms to eat. it is pureed. yesterday dug it up to check their is still food i don't believe their was much but i mean you could tell it was somewhat like day one it was still moist and i expected more to get eaten since it was moldy from the start.

anyways i added in more food yesterday it wasn't a lot but this time i added it to the surface and covered it up with newspaper instead of burying in the pile. i was wondering is this actually better to do then what i used to do? which was bury the food maybe half way into the pile which might be the reason why they haven't touched much of it yet. this bin has no fruit flies btw i have a bin next to it with fruit flies but that was my fault

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I'm interested as well. Not sure if I should be burying my food a few inches deep or leaving it lightly covered on top.

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It depends. I'd never bury it deep, and if it's getting wet lower down I'd never bury it into areas where it's getting very damp.

You need the feeding to breath as fresh food is going to require oxygen as it rots. Bury it too deep, or if it's too wet and gets compacted, it can go anerobic. Then you might find the worms won't touch it for quite a while, or worse you can get other problems cropping up.

One thing I find effective is to keep a bucket of harvested VC on the side. When I put down a new feeding I cover lightly with this older VC. It adds the composting bacteria directly to the feeding to speed things up, also keeps any smells down and worms populate that VC within a day and start eating from the top down as well as the bottom up.

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hmm i think that is the problem then. i burried TOO deep so they are not touching it and it's not extremely moist but it is moist. my last feeding i left on the surface and covered with wet newspaper it has only been a fews days but i bet they will eat that instead of the one i burried i might have to dig that back up and place at the top

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