Peat Humus??

reddogwormsSeptember 20, 2013

I plan to raise African nightcrawlers in Rubbermaid bins. Can I use peat humus as the primary bedding? I see a lot of talk about peat moss, but not much about peat humus. Here is a link to the humus I am interested in:

Thanks a lot in advance!

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That link doesn't take me anywhere.

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Just curious, wouldn't they like newspaper & cb bedding?

Here is a link that might be useful: Peat Moss vs. Peat Humus

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Otis is anti-peat! Haha!

Peat humus is the same as peat moss, just more decomposed - harvested from the bottom of the bogs (peat moss is at the the top of the bog). I've never dealt with it but I'd imagine it has an even finer grain than moss,

You certainly can use peat humus as the primary bedding. Just know that it adds almost zero resources to the final vermicompost product. Also, it has no nutritional value to the worms so you'll need a good source of food because that's all they are going to eat.

Usually the worms eat the bedding in addition to your feed, and they'll eat the peat too, but not get anything out of it.

I'm a fan of the peat, and using it alone as bedding won't harm the worms but the end product won't be as robust as if you mixed something with it like cardboard, newspaper, poop, leaves, or whatever.

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