Picotte Blue Double morning glories not blooming!

lord_baal(5)August 17, 2010

so back in march i started picotte blue morning glories inside and put some out and kept some in lots of good fuzzy foliage but NO blooms what gives?

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All my morning glory vines have been slow to bloom and very late this year.

The weather is affecting them in strange ways this year. They should bloom in the next few weeks for you.

In the past I have given them a dose of miracle grow fertilizer mixed with the water when watering the vines. That has helped to give them a jump to bloom.


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oh ok so this odd 80 degrees and 90% humidity for weeks on end does have an effect?

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The unusually hot temps are affecting all my plants. We've had almost 12 straight weeks with temps above 90 and several days in the triple digits. The humidity during the summer is always oppressive here. Some of my MG's are just beginning to bloom, one of them being a single picotee.

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My Kikyo Blue Morning Glory [Double Blue Picotees] are blooming like crazy.
Try feeding them with Miracle Gro BLOOM BOOSTER, with Fish Emulsion mixed in . . . and don't give up. You should see blooms before long

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Yes, August and September are the big flowering months for these JMGs. A little phosphorus fertilizer ought to make them flower up fast.

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