What is eating my peppers and marigolds?

bdm2010April 9, 2010

I planted four different types of pepper plants in my vegetable garden and overnight they were stripped bare the stalk. Okra seedlings in the same garden have been eaten up, but the tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers have not been bothered. There is a series of shiny, webbish lines on the soil around the base of the plants after they've been stripped. Apparently, the same pest chewed up my marigolds in another garden bed because the same webby stuff is on the soil around those stripped stalks.

Any idea what this is, and how to get rid of it? I'm looking forward to getting some more peppers planted but I don't want to just keep feeding this thing!

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Sounds like slugs, if there's a slimy trail.
Try some DE (diatomaceous earth) sprinkled around the plants. This should take care of them pretty quickly.

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My first thought was slugs, but the trail looks like it's made of a web rather than slime up close. Also, the trail circles the plant a few times. I do have slugs around after this wet spring, but this doesn't look like any slug trouble I've had before (six years with this garden).

It also seems like quick work for slugs - literally overnight. The slugs have been working on my cucumbers' leaves, but they're not stripping the plants or significantly hindering their growth.

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Planted a single pepper plant and used the DE last night - SUCCESS! The plant hasn't been chewed on at all. I guess it was the slugs!

Thanks, Susan!

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