are worm bins supposed to be loose?

CelbriseSeptember 27, 2012

some say worms don't like compacted bins. my bin is somewhat compact because majority of it was made from semi finished compost that i added more bedding too i was wondering if i need to fluff up my pile or will the worms be fine? they seem to have no problem in general they have not tried to crawl out since i added a sealed lid.

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Whether or not the bin is compacted, the important thing to ask is whether or not there is enough oxygen available to them. You may not be able to add as much feed at any given moment in a compacted bin than you would in a bin that still retains more air space. As the microbiological decomposition of the organic matter will quickly deplete what little oxygen is left in a compacted bin. So, adjust the type, amount and frequency of feed according to the overall condition of the bin. There are many good books but you'll find that learning through experience and through the experience of others in this community is the best resource.

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i think their is enough air i mean i have not seen any worms escape except for one time but that was because i didn't have a cover on the bin.

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