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pskvorc(3)September 1, 2014

I was 'organizing' my email this morning, (AKA mass deletions), and realized that there may be a "work-around" for the lack of a "stickies" feature here at Garden Web. I maintain a sub-folder in my email folder for "Worms". Under that folder is a sub-folder called "forum responses". In THAT folder are all of the "notices" I get from Garden Web when someone posts to a thread I am "subscribed" to. THERE is the solution to keeping links to "interesting" threads.

It does require me to keep the records, but at least I know where the links are, and, the records can be sorted by poster's name, the date, or the name of the thread.

It's more work than a "stickie", but it beats the heck out of searching over "hell's half acre" trying to find an old, but interesting/informative thread.

Just a thought...


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Gardenweb used to have stickies, or A Stickie. It was an advertisement as the first topic as best as I recall. Or it may have been an explanation for the double underlined advertisements that popped up one day. Others may remember more clearly. When the sticky went over like a lead balloon it disappeared.

Maybe this information helps or explains something:


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I get an error message when I copy and past the link and the hotlink in the Garden Web post. The "hotlink" ads in the text don't bother me much.


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I too get that message. I messaged our Gardenweb overseers about it. They are no doubt busy celebrating Labor Day by golfing on the Vineyard and will be back to work soon.

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