i need the definitive solution to end my Wisteria problem...

death_to_wisteriaAugust 2, 2010

...once and for all. after that, i shall disappear into obscurity.

now i know most of you are in some sort of twisted infatuation with this monstrosity, and i say, "to each their own." however, i absolutely loathe this plant. i've been locked in mortal combat with it ever since it caused a tree to fall on my house.

for 3 years i have been chopping, and digging, and pulling on a plant that spans at least 5 acres. i recently employed a friend with a 3/4 ton chevy to help me pull a root system that is nearly the size of my thigh out of the ground. he seemed confident that he would have no trouble, however, he burnt out his clutch and nearly ripped the ball-hitch clean off the vehicle (i wish i were exaggerating).

i've tried everything short of renting a backhoe. now, i've recently ditched the idea of man-handling this beast out of the ground in lieu of going all "Chemical Ali" on this sucker. as we speak, i'm taking every fresh sprout i see and immersing it inside of a gallon-sized tea container for 48 hours with a healthy dose (5% by volume to be exact) of something call "Crossbow" herbicide. i'm told this will kill it throughout the root system...so i'm told.

if this sounds like it might do the trick, please let me know. i want it gone, gone, GONE!

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I use Brush Master - marvelous product!

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so you know from experience that Brush Master works for killing wisteria? and if so, what was your particular methodology for application?

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