Need MG ID, please, pics

river_crossroads z8b Central LouisianaAugust 25, 2010

Hi Ron, hi everyone,

I need ID & info on this MG. Someone has brought me a nice pot of rooted cuttings & IÂm posting her pictures of her vine at her house. If anyone needs clearer pics to ID, IÂm very sorry but I canÂt provide them as she lives in the country & IÂve never been to her house. She says the leaf & the flower are enormous compared to the normal kind of MG that sheÂs used to & she thinks her vine is a volunteer. Dies back in winter, returns in spring. SheÂs never seen any seed pods on it.

Is this an invasive kind of MG? If so, if I plant it in pots and sink the pots would that keep me from being invaded? We get hard freezes here & a real winter but our wet climate encourages many invasive plants.

Ron, you sent me some nice e-mail replies last spring when I had MG seedlings (that IÂve since killed). I was concerned back then about cross-fertilization with my neighborÂs MG. A future project is getting pictures of her sepals for you. Or maybe my new one really is seedless?

Note vine in background of 2nd pic is the same vine, I think. Can I use Fertilome 3-in-1 spray on my potted cuttings? I see holes & little white dots on undersides of leaves.

Thanks, Ron, thanks, all!


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There is a blue perennial vine with name of Ipomoea indica that grows like mad in your neck of the woods. It is sold under various trade names. You have a happy looking specimen. Just watch it so it does not take over everything.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks! IÂm going to keep it in a container since posts on the internet say I. indica is as invasive as kudzu in my region. Next summer when itÂs bigger I can buy one of those large, light weight, decorative containers at LoweÂs, put it in a sunny spot on the outside of my patio, let it climb up a support post of the patio & across the top for shade. By checking the bottom of the container regularly I can be sure that no root is coming out & invading the ground,

The friend who gave me the cuttings has never seen seed pods. I need to be watchful. If it develops seed pods I can remove the seed pods & throw it out. However, if it is the seedless type of I. indica I can grow it in a container & enjoy the huge flowers & the huge leaves that will give me the shade I need. Thanks, much appreciated.


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Hi River,

The plant that you have posted above is Ipomoea indica.

Ipomoea indica is frequently self-infertile and therefore few if any seeds are produced.

Ipomoea indica propagates from the above ground stems taking root and from seeds.

Ipomoea indica does not spread from the roots.

Please do not throw any seeds out which might develop but send them to me.



P.S. - regarding the residual broad spectrum insecticides , I personally refrain from using chemical toxins that are harmful to bees, butterflies, earthworms , ants and hummingbirds or other lifeforms such as beneficial microbes that are the Life of the Soil.

Consider Neem oil and diatomaceous earth as possible alternatives to traditional poisons that are environmentally toxic...whatever you put in your garden eventually winds up in the water supply and in all of our bodies...

Please read :
Teaming with Microbes : The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web - By Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis, Elaine Ingham - Timber Pr Inc (2010) - Hardback - 220 pages - ISBN 1604691131

check out the following forums :

Integrated Pest Management

Organic Gardening

Going Green

Here is a link that might be useful: Integrated Pest Management

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks, Ron, IÂm overjoyed. Plants in the ground are so much easier to take care of esp. in my hot climate. I can really use the extra shade that a larger plant in the ground will provide as Hurricane Gustav knocked down the shade trees. IÂve already got Neem oil & will use it. You are more than welcome to any seeds & IÂll e-mail you if I get any. Thanks very much!


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I agree with Ron concerning the use of pesticides. Your vines look quite healthy and I wouldn't worry about a few holes. You might want to check and see if they are being made by the Golden Tortoise beetle. They look like little jewels and IMHO are just as nice as the flowers. They can change color from gold to red. They'll chew holes in your MG's but won't harm them.

Here is a link that might be useful: golden tortoise beetle

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Karyn, I havenÂt seen any of those pretty beetles. I do have a bug & your post motivated me to get an ID: Bordered Plant Bug - Largus succinctus, which it seems is a true bug. It eats & sucks but is said to be pretty harmless (link to pic below).

Please note that this bug is in my garden not in the garden of the friend who has the "parent" vine & gave me the cuttings (picture below).

I'm planning to use Neem oil anyway for my other bugs & IÂm planning to order the diatomaceous earth that Ron recommended. Please tell me if I need to do anything else. Thanks so much for your help & for motivating me to ID a bug that I've seen for a long time.


The cuttings that were given to me.

Bordered Plant Bug - Largus succinctus
Info from the Aggies

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Not a very attractive looking critter. lol I use diatomaceous earth for slug control. It works great but has to be reapplied often. Make sure you buy the agricultural grade of DE, not the kind used in pool filters. I figured on getting away cheaply and used the DE we used in our pool filter but found out that it's not effective because it's heated and chemically treated. You also want to make sure that you don't inhale the DE when applying it.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks, Karyn. It looks like itÂs called either agricultural grade or food grade. I see it for sale online at Amazon, ebay, & co. websites. My local feed store has it & the price is right. Since IÂve read that DE sometimes takes a while to work I may have to be patient. IÂll get a new dust mask while IÂm out. Thanks a lot, big help.


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