Maybe I am becoming an addict

smalltowngalSeptember 2, 2010

So today, I started on my 4th bin. I thought I would at least get some cardboard and food scraps in it so they could start decomposing and I could add worms to the bin in a month. I'm trying to do the least amount of work I can and just throwing in large pieces of cardboard, whole tp and paper towel rolls and some drink carriers.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Welcome to the club. As soon as a few experimental bins finish up, I'm going to consolidate my wormeries. least that's the plan.

You may already have done this, but I find it best to soak the paper products you mentioned in a bin of water (throw in a handful of VC) for 12-24 hrs. After a quick wringing, it's very easy to tear them up.


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I like to keep the paper products dry and line the bottom of the bin with them. I alternate the coffee trays to put a nice air space. TP rolls I stand on end with them all in one corner. The food's job is to wet the paper products. The paper products job is to absorb the food moisture so the bottom of the bin stays not mucky and also to help air move to the bottom of the bin. The worms job is to tear up the paper products. Or more specificially the wee beasties tear up the paper products and then the worms eat the wee beasties.

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