Chocolate Clematis...mixing vines?

nate9300August 26, 2009

I really the flowers and foliage of the Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinata) and think it would look good next to the flower of a Clematis. Is there any risk in planting these next to each other and intertwining the vines? I know that the Akebia quinata is rather vigorous, so I would need to control it to be sure it didn't suffocate the Clematis, but is there any other reason why I shouldn't be mixing these two?


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Is either species susceptible to leaf rust or other pathogens like rust? If there isn't good air flow through the leaves you might get conditions (damp stagnant leaves) for that type of infection to get started. That's what happens with Japanese morning glories so has been my experience.


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Thanks for the insight, Joseph - I would not of thought of that. I'll research this before deciding to plant both together.

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Would you happen to have some of the seeds? I would like to have a share or trade of some. Please email me. Thanks.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

The akebia will be too vigorous and take all the water and nutrients from most clematis so I personally wouldn't plant them together. If you do try it, you might want to try a clematis that is very vigorous and a type I or II since the type IIIs will need to be pruned each year. One of the clematis montanas could easily overpower the akebia, but even it would need extra water and nutrients until well established.

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I have an Akebia and a Clematis alpina together. I take some of the vines from the Akebia each year, but they are going fine together.-

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