Sprinkler/soaker hose repair?

jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)April 15, 2010

I'm getting my flowerbeds ready for summer....applying mulch, organic fertilizers and re-arranging my sprinkler hoses. One of the hoses has a hole that sprays too much water. Is there a tape or other product I can use to repair this? The hose is the flat type with a green stripe running through it.



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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

What comes to mind is using one of the repair kits we used to patch holes in kiddie pools and putting a patch over that part.

Also I've seen "Gorilla Glue" brand of duct tape in hardware stores. I'm assuming it sticks really well.

You can repair just about anything with either duct tape or WD40, right? :-)

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

Thanks, Roselee, I think I will try the duct tape. Before I apply the tape, I plan to use a dab of silicone sealant over the hole. This type of sealant is completely waterproof and may work~~~

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wondering...would actual Gorilla glue work? I've used it on cracked but still pretty glazed pots and they are happy.

I have no idea, it might fill the hole...in fact, I'm thinking about a problem hose of mine.


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I've used electrical tape around a hose of mine and it worked very well for me. Since the tape and the hose were both black, it didn't look too bad.

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