Evil Vine killing all my plants...Help!! Pls!!

midniteladymAugust 5, 2010

i'm not even sure if my evil vine is a groundcover...it likes to climb apparently...

the leaves look very similar to scarlet beans, and it loves to climb and choke them (along w/the bushes out front)...my beans were looking great, altho no beans had yet to appear, until 1 week ago, when they all turned brown...these beans were over 7' tall :( ...i hadn't changed my way of gardening, watering, etc, and when i looked closer, this vine was wrapped all over and thru my beans...the only way i could tell the diff was the vine had stubby white flowers (?)...i Had A LOT of red flowers :( ..anyway, while trying to trace the vines to pull them up, i unwound them, they'd break, the beans would come apart, whatever, and i ended up just pulling 99% of one set of beans up...there's something there that's green, prob the vine...i left it...

now i'm thinking, next year, of growing scarlet beans in a pot if it's friggin possible, lol....

any solutions to this stupid evil vine? (and i never thought i'd call a plant evil...treehugger me, lol)

thx for any and all help :)

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Wow I was just about to post about a very bad vine! Mine is sprouting up all over the yard and is trying to climb up my roses. The leaves on this are sort of elongated and pointy on the ends. Is yours similar? I'm trying to find out if this one is self seeding everywhere or if it shares a root system.

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