how lond does vermicompost take?

CelbriseSeptember 11, 2012

looking to start within 2-4 months only thing im missing is some worms but i was wondering how long does it actually take for them to compost everything the bedding, the food, etc..?

my set up will be a 4 gal tub with about idk im hoping for 1 lb of worms to start with.

would you say weeks? months? of course this is just an estimate not the exact date im just wondering how long it typically takes to compost this way as i compost regularly outside.

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I use an 18 gallon tote and I usually go 3-4 months for my worms to break everything down.

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damn that is a long time but then again 18 gal is pretty big compaired to a 5gal. thats like 1-2 months for a 5gal not that bad for a small yield

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You can't extrapolate that way. You will have fewer worms working in a 5 gallon bin than an 18 gallon bin, thus the process may still take 3-4 months.

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Once you're in continuous operation, the span of time for composting shouldn't matter.

For a new bin, depending on how many worms you start with and many many other factors, it may take six months or more to get much compost. But once the thing is working, you're putting bedding and food in and taking compost out on an ongoing basis.

Patience is a virtue. If you're using this for gardening, you should be used to annual cycles.

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damn 3-4months still?!

eh i got time in the world i don't need it that badly just wanted to know how long it takes since no one really explained how long their yields took

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