My Jetstar isn't setting fruit

platys(5a)June 17, 2009

Hi all!

I'm growing tomatoes in containers (completely wrong, because I'm a newbie - my cages are too small, and I used a mix of top soil and potting mix), and they are all doing awesomely. I have fruit set on all of the plants except for one - my Jet star.

What seems to happen is that they get blossoms, all is well, and then.. nothing. Here's a pic of what I have:

All of my plants are in the same area - the red cherry, beefsteak, super fantastic and my orange variety all have fruit. The only thing I can think of is that I think I under watered the Jetstar and the Super Fantastic a bit - but making sure they are well watered hasn't helped.

Here's a pic of the the garden as of the 12th. They've grown even more foliage since then. The Jet star is in the back on the right hand side.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You can't really compare different varieties when it comes to growing, fruit set, ripening, etc. but I'd be surprised if Jetstar was being stubborn when others weren't. It is a dependable variety and will come through for you I'm sure.

I wouldn't get too carried away with the water. Consistent level soil moisture is what counts and too much is worse for the plant than is too little. ;)


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The consistant water level may actually be the problem. Back when I didn't realize that top soil would be problematic, I bought two 40 pound bags from the grocery store. Where it was stored outside. And it had rained non stop for like 3 days - when I got it home, one of my bags was pretty much mud.

Silly me, instead of letting it dry out, dumped it into the pot where I planted the jet star. I did mix in a fair amount of very dry potting mix, but mainly, it sat in wet conditions for a pretty long time. Then I under watered, so they were dry. Then it'd rain... you get the idea.

I swear, its a miracle I've had any fruit set on anything. Hybrid tomatoes are pretty darn tough. :)

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Yay! I came home from work last night, and found one tiny tiny tomato on my jetstar. Just in time for the 93 degree weather to hit. It's full of blossoms right now - hopefully some of them have a chance, despite the heat and humidity.

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I have a question, this is my first year growing vegetables in a home garden. I am doing a raised cinder block bed and using a square foot garden method with 15 squares and strawberries in the cinder block holes. All of my plants seem to be doing great except one. I have five different tomato plants (roma juliet, big boy, black krim, roma, and red beefsteak). All my tomato plants have been growing, flowering, and growing tomatoes except the beefsteak. The beefsteak is about 4 feet tall, has tons of flowers, i am not sure if they are being pollinated but i go in and pollinate myself with a paint brush. After the petals drop i see a tiny tomato but they have been like that for weeks they wont grow from the pea size. Everything is watered evenly and it gets plenty of sun and once a week i apply plant food. I live in houston so the weather is warm right now not too cold at night definitely not in the 50s. Should i cut off all the pea size tomatoes. I have looked for diseases or bugs but cant find anything on this particular issue. I am thinking the pollination or temperature is an issue but will the tiny tomatoes begin to grow once its happy or should i just cut them off and shock the plant a bit. The pea size tomatoes look a lot like the ones pictured above. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Topsoil as potting medium is not a good option. The reason being that it compacts under its own weight , when it holds too much moisture. But it can be amended by adding some perlite and pine pine. I have potting with garden soil in the past. It can be done but not very successfully.

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