greenlydiaAugust 8, 2007

I grew a massive Wisteria vine up the side of my WOOD house which I know is a bad thing. I grew it from a seed a friend gave me, never really thinking it would amount to much, but when it reached 30 feet, I knew I had planted a magic seed! Our insurance people came out and the first thing they said was that the Wisteria had to come down or they would cancel our policy! The Wisteria WAS doing damage to the shingles......sending shoots underneath and causing them to pull away, but the insurance company said it was a huge fire hazard. Whatever. I waited until it had finished blooming and then with hanky in hand, my husband took his chain saw (yes, the trunk was that big!) and down it all came. That was two years ago and what was left was just this massive intertwined pair of stumps. I didn't get around to digging them out that year but I was sure it was dead. To my utter surprise, one of those trunks is now putting out a huge amount of new growth and I've got Wisteria vines growing 25 feet out into the yard as I'm doing all I can to keep them off the house. Boy I can be long winded at times and all I would like someone to tell me is WHEN should I transplant this beauty to a new home away from the house with an arbor all its own? Is it too late this summer? Should I wait till Fall or Spring? I can't believe it came back but I do believe the insurance company will.............Any and all advice is really welcome! Thanks so much in advance.


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