moonflower stopped blooming

Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))August 29, 2012


My moonflower has stopped blooming. It only bloomed for a month or so. It has been very hot here lately, also, it has grown to the top of the teepee and maybe it has gotten bored. (I am trying to figure out how to get it to climb a wall.)

Does anyone know why it won't bloom anymore? It is setting a ton of seed ... but I want more flowers!!!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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When the plants set alot of seedpods , it sends a signal to the plant that it doesn't need to produce more flowers , as much as finish developing the seeds...that is how the plants survive...

You could try cutting off some or all of the seedpods and use some (phosphorus based) bloom booster...make sure you water the plants...

There is no guarantee that the plants will resume flowering...

There are some people who start plants at different times and this may allow some plants to continue to bloom after the 1st series has finished , although it is mostly the gradual shortening of the day-lengths that causes the initiation of flowering...

You could start a whole new series of plants but will they have enough time to flower (?)...alternatively you could root cuttings from the current plants and provide the required care until they are ready to place outside and these cuttings may flower as it is the new root system that will allow the flowering...the old root system has already received signals from the seedpods that no new flowers are required...

So , there's a variety of suggestions or at least info and some Food for Thought...



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Need2SeeGreen(10 (SoCal))


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