Honeysuckle vine

gargoylefun(7)August 21, 2011

Hi all,

Two weeks ago I bought a Honeysuckle vine from a local plant seller, I planted it in the ground and it is now flowering.

I don't know what kind of Honeysuckle it is, the flowers are white then turn yellow.

My concern is that the flowers do not have any nector in them.

They smell a little like lemons.

Did I get a bad cultivated plant? Or will the flowers have nector next year?

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I think that you did not get a Japanese honeysuckle, which is the one that has such a great smell, but is extremely invasive. If you can post a picture of the plant & flowers in the Name That Plant forum, someone will probably be able to tell you which of the many types of honeysuckle you bought.
Whether it smells or not, the hummingbirds love them.

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