can you populate a worm bin

CelbriseSeptember 25, 2012

with just a few worms. i got about 2-3 worms i believe 2 of them if not all 3 are the same species. i was wondering if i can populate my worm bin this way. or am i going to need to buy more?

i am vermicomposting in a 5gal bucket somewhat like a worm tower really i add little bedding and food at the bottom once they are finished composting that i work my way up. although 3 worms alone isn't a lot to begin with but this is how i will be when i get more worms in general

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I mean, theoretically, yes.... but it will take years

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How good are you at oligochaete identification? Are you sure enough they are the same species that you're willing to invest years in a project to save a few dollars?

Buy them.

I was lucky and happened to buy composting worms from a bait shop when I was setting up a raised bed garden. I, unintentionally, setup an outdoor worm bin. If you have no other sources cost wise this may work for you. You may be set up for failure though because you don't know the kind of worms the breeder is dumping on the market.

Someone was kind enough to give me a starter colony of composting worms for my indoor bin but I still don't have a population large enough to help others start. Craigs list was suggested to me when I was looking at getting into the hobby.

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Check Craig's list or even put up a craig's list add asking for worms.

I have been more than happy to donate wormies to local craig's list ads!

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i was just wondering if it's possible i am not 100% sure they are the same species. especially since 2 of them are babies still. but i was going to buy some anyways just not till my bday.

other then that i tried craigslist posted an ad up about a month ago no one is even willing to give me theirs for free i mean not even a measly 10 worms. people here i guess are just that greedy with money. but either way i mean i'll be buying some worms later on doubt these 3 worms will make babies anytime soon and i rather buy some then wait years for them to potentially die.

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