Influx of Red Admirals!

PKponder TX(7b)April 21, 2012

Oh my goodness! The whole neighborhood is aflutter! They seem to be coming from the oak trees but they are at least 'resting' on every plant in the yard! It's a lovely sight.

The Gulf Frits are busy on the blue passion vine as well.

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PKponder TX(7b)

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Yes, we're experiencing a big population explosion of Red Admirals! They're all over my place. They're using Stinging Nettle and a weed called Pennsylvania Pellitory as host plants for their caterpillars on my place. This is the result of all the rain in past months and the milder winter/early spring temps. The adult butterflies nectar on flowers and are fond of old fruit and tree sap.

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Got a few them at my place too!

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They've been everywhere for over a week now. Gulf Frits and the brown frits too! A few Monarchs and a variety of others...everwhere!

This has been the most wonderful spring! I hope it lasts until October.

I can hope can't I

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freshair2townsquare(z7/8, D/FW)

We've had some, too!

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denisew(z8 TX)

I have also noticed lots of Red Admirals here around Allen too. The Gulf Fritillaries are also laying eggs on my passionvine - much earlier than last year. I've also seen Pipevine Swallowtails laying eggs on my pipevine already. Lots of little butterflies too!

I remember last year we were asking, "Where are all the butterflies?" And this year we are celebrating their larger populations. It may be a hot summer, but in the butterfly world, it is starting off to be a great season!

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I've got them too, and they are so thick on my coreopsis! It's fun to walk through and set them all afloat. They land on me and everywhere else.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I'm seeing dozens of hummingbird moths too -- in the daytime! Usually only the clear wing hummingbird moths nector in the daytime with the other kinds coming in around dusk.

I'm glad our flying flower "flutter bys" are making such a great comeback :-)

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