A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Carribean

pjames(8/LA)September 26, 2010

I just returned for a 7 day cruise. As you sit at supper, you talk to different peopleeach night. Sometimes the talk turned to gardening.. I talked about what I had planted and how I gre it etc,,, then I looked over to my wife and could see she was silently praying " Lord, don't let him tell about his damn worms!!!!"

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So did you bring it up? Maybe over a drink at the bar?
I have been busy offshore albacore fishing and have totally neglected my herd! But I have 65 tuna in the freezer.
I hope you had a great trip. Pete

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We'll listen to your worm stories pjames.

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plumiebear(z9? CA)

Pat: My guess is gardeners would probably be a sympathetic audience...unless they were the hoity toity type. You could always approach it sideways and talk about vermicompost first. When they ask you where you buy the VC, you can tell them you've got thousands of working worms that make it for you.

Pete: Wow! Lemme know if you need help eating any of those. It's only a 5 hr. drive from Berkeley to Mendocino. lol. just kidding. Enjoy!


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Pete..I think I'd have rather been with you... I could still drink beer in between fishing...

I brought up composting but got some blank stares.. so I figured the worms were out...

Good to be back though. Already did an inspection of all my bins and a short harvest on 3 of them

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Nothing like 10 days away and no new food additions to really make the worms concentrate on finishing off the almost ready compost into vermicastings. It is like a present they have ready for you when you get home.

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Pat, worms really were not discussed or even brought up offshore. Rapalas and tuna-clones were the preferred bait.
My second "worm-cage" has been unfed since inception several months back. I built it over a nice pile of aged horse manure. I have hosed it down maybe 6 times. All worms answered roll-call! I will tumble the goods soon. All other wormerys here have thrived on inattention.

Happy wormin' Pete

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