Controlling Morning Glory height

carl-in-nhAugust 4, 2009

I have a couple of MG that are climbing up a fishing line to the top of my porch.

Not sure if I will just let them keep going up to the gutter and roof. (I might, just to see what happens, I'm actually impressed with these things).

However, is there some practice where people cut back these things to control the height ? Eg. trim off the top segment ? (And does it leaf and flower out more if you do)

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You can prune an MG any time from the top or anywhere along the vine. All it will do is cause the vine to shoot stems off below where you pruned the vine.

From my experience, it depends on when you prune the vine down as to how much it will leaf out and bloom more.
In otherwords, if you have a long enough growing season, and you do it now, it will fill out more and bloom more.

Since our weather has been so crazy all spring and summer, only time would tell if you get a bushier vine and more blooms.

Either way, though, you will not harm the vine.


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