Pests on my Vine!

TerynWAugust 3, 2014

Hi Folks!

I have recently bought my first home and it came with an amazing garden! Mostly shade species with a pergola covering them! Covering the Pergola is a large vine and I have 2 questions about it! I'm kind of a newbie gardener, up to this point I have mostly grown Vegetables in containers so I have a lot to learn about vines!

Firstly I was wondering if anyone could help me ID my vine, I think it's a grapevine from looking at other people's posts.

The Second is a problem I'm having, there are little bugs all over it all of a sudden. At least I think all of a sudden, I have only lived here for 2 weeks and I just started noticing them! They are tiny little bugs that are white-clear and they number in the hundreds! The part of the plant I posted here has some unhealthy looking parts and some nice green areas.

I can post some more pictures for sure! Any help would be appreciated! Sorry this one is sideways, it won't let me fix it!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Hi and welcome. Well for starters it isn't a grape vine. It looks more like Virginia Creeper from what I can see. A closer look at a leaf would make it certain. It's native in N America so it's odd that it is so pest ridden. I can't id the pest. Spider mite would have a similar appearance but they're almost microscopic. Any chance of a close up the pest? However, VC is bone hardy and a rampant grower so you could cut any affected parts to the ground and it should regrow. In the longer term you might want to replace it altogether since it doesn't have showy flowers and is a big job to keep within bounds.

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Hey Floral UK, thanks for the help! I posted a better picture of the leaves and I will try and get one of the pests. They are super tiny and it's hard to pinpoint them! I'll try though! There now all over my garden!

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Here is my pest on a different plant in my garden

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Trying some bug-b-gone, hopefully it helps!

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I don't know US pests at all well but that looks like Leaf Hopper. Your vine is definitely Virginia Creeper. You could cut it down to the ground and burn/throw out the affected foliage and it will regrow happily. It is a very vigorous native (to N America) vine which will need keeping in trim anyway if it's on a pergola.

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