Hanging Basket help

rennieangieApril 24, 2014

Hoping someone can steer me right here:). I have two hanging baskets under the eaves of my house (faces North), shaded by a large tree. This area gets minimal sunlight and I would really like to plant a PERENNIAL something in these that has some kind of trailing foliage so that it can be seen from the road. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thank you so much.

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Keep in mind that while it may be perennial in the ground, it might not be in that pot. The winter cold, including occasional ice, may be enough to kill it, unless you take it inside, which would be easier to do in a pot.

So I'll mention a few perennials but not sure of their hardiness for hanging planters.

Purple queen or purple jew or wandering jew would be a good choice.

Fushcia is supposed to a perennial but I haven't confirmed it for this zone. It always seems to die from heat but I'm not sure if that is something I could have helped so I keep buying more and trying more of the knowledge that I gained to keep it alive.

Some begonia varieties may trail.

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Are you willing to bring it in when it is freezing?

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Lynn Marie

Fuchsia will definitely die in the summer heat. I think a big fern will look nice and very southernly. (Is southernly a word?)

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