Question about storing worms overnight

bluelake(8)September 11, 2010

I have someone picking up 2 1/2 lbs. of worms tomorrow and they need to be separated into 3 groups, 1 lb., 1 lb., and the 1/2. I plan to put them in the small plastic coffee 'cans' with the lid on with holes in it. They'll be in this container for about 15 hours. Should I put them in the refridgerator or will they be fine just sitting out until he picks them up?

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How hot or cold will it get? Will they be exposed to sunlight?

If the temps don't go below freezing, and not above 90 F, and the cans are not exposed to sunlight so that they heat up, they should be OK outside.

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Can't you just bring them in the house? I separate my worms as well, and sometimes they are around for a day before they get picked up. I live in an apartment, and it's not like they'll escape.

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LOL, they're in the house on the kitchen ledge in approx. 78 deg. temp. right now. Yes, it's warm in here. This was my first time to separate and divide my original 1 lb. and came out with about 2 lbs. This pound was bought at the end of May. I wasn't impressed with the size of them though. Many were juvies, and much more were of reproduction age and there were cocoons.

I had to pull from my other bin to get more worms in the cans. I did include some of their own VC as well as some new bedding.

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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Unless they're Alabama Jumpers, I wouldn't refrigerate them.


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What species are Alabama jumpers? And how do they respond to vermiculture? (Just looking for another species to try out.)


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

My mistake. It's not Alabama Jumpers that need refrigeration, it's Canadian Nightcrawlers (Lumbricus terrestris). They're not suitable for vermiculture, but they are used for fishing.

I don't know anything about Alabama Jumpers (Pheretima Hawayanus), except that they're large, very wiggly, and are used for fishing.


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