Please ID - huge-leaved vine that is growing like INSANITY

eliza0214(Long Island 7a)September 5, 2009

Out of NOWHERE, this vine that I've never seen before on my property (or anywhere else) in 20 years has popped up and is taking over.

Huge leaves, palmate, opposite, now with little spikes of white flowers. It grows up into mature oaks, over rhododendrons and baby cedars, and out across the driveway.

Possible source -- this spring and summer, we had our first-ever Canadian geese on the property, and they liked to hang out right at the origin point of this vine.

Link to photos: Mystery Ivy

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Photos (if above doesn't work)

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It looks like it is come sort of plant from the Cucurbitaceae family. Plants in this family include melons, squash, pumpkin, cucumbers, etc. Most of the ones I am familiar with have yellow flowers and fuzzy leaves. I take it there have been no fruit?

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legumefinder(z6 TN)

I just came across this thread, if you haven't found out what it is already it's a bur cucumber, sicyos angulatus. They do grow incredibly far out and I've seen them climb to the very top of trees that are atleast 80 feet tall. Leaves can be enormous also.

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legumefinder(z6 TN)

You're probably right that the canadian geese brought it there, the seed pods are covered with barbed prickles.

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It looks like a Goose vine to me.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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