can you keep vermicompost uncovered?

CelbriseSeptember 11, 2012

i have a 5gal bucket i am composting in and it's uncovered in my room and the surface often gets dry during the day. i know i have a single worm in that bucket and im trying to keep it alive just to help with composting and in hopes it will lay eggs or theirs more worms but i highly doubt it.

anyways is it a good idea to keep it uncovered like this? the middle for sure is moisture and i often spray the surface with water and check it's moist.

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Covered or uncovered is fine. In an uncovered bin, the top will not decompose as fast.

Odds are that you have more than 1 worm. in a month or two you will may see more worms.

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You need at least two worms for eggs -- they're hermaphrodites, but you still need more than one. If you want to start, I'd really suggest getting at least a few hundred red wrigglers and letting them go at it.

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no i doubt i have more then 1 as this pile is indoors and their is no way i could of gotten more then 1 unless it is pregnant or something.

and yes i know i need more then 1 for eggs. i was just composting in the bucket and saw the one worm so i thought i'd keep it alive and see what happens. i will eventually be buying some worms maybe next month

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It is also possible to peek into an outdoor kitchen compost bin and find some for free. Maybe not 1,000 but maybe 100.

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