can I add urine to my vermicompost?

CelbriseSeptember 21, 2012

technically it's a regular compost bin in a 5gal bucket atm waiting for money to come in so i can buy my worms but i do have some worms/millipedes in the bin atm. although the bin is moist it won't stay moist forever i mean probably within like 2-3 weeks it will dry out.

i was wondering if i could add urine to the bin or will this kill off my worms/millipedes?

i know urine works well with compost as i use it on my outdoor pile it's been doing great adds nitrogen and waters it at the same time.

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Urine also has salts. You do not want to add salt to the bin.

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hm yea thought about that don't want to kill off the bugs

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The urine will also breakdown into ammonia either killing the worms or driving them out of the bin. The best way to capture & utilize the nitrogen in urine is like you said in a separare compost heap. But if you plan on using that pre-compost material as worm bedding/feed there maybe an accumulation of salts so it would be best to cut that composted material with fresh bedding material (low in salt).
There's a great book by Thomas Jason Barrett on vermi-composting, it's the ONLY book that focuses on harnessing the earthworm for building soil, everything else focus on cultivating worms for the commercial bait industry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barrett's Book

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