Stephanotis Propagation

hummingbird_2002(5 WA east)September 9, 2005

I would like to know if you can propagate stephanotis vines? I have a huge vine and it is in full bloom. I would like to have many of these beautiful vines everywhere in my gardens. I have a green house to winter them in. I also winter this one in my house. It did very well in the window that faced east and south. If anyone can give me info on propagating, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Hummingbird

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I start mine in a 10" hanging basket with good potting soil, rooting hormone and a south-facing window. I keep it lightly moist and NOT COVERED.

Mine take FOREVER to root, but eventually, they do. I start mine in the fall so that by spring, I have a rooted plant.

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hummingbird_2002(5 WA east)


What part of the vine do you use for rooting? The young new shoots or some of the old shoots? I am so new at this. If you could clue me in, I would be greatful. Thanks, Hummingbird

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Hummingbird, I go clear back to the main trunk/stem of the vine, cut just in front of the last set of leaves, and stick the WHOLE limb into the soil (bury at least two sets of leaf nodes. You can cut the stem into lots of sections if you want, and plant them. Most of the stems will die off and you can cut it off as it dies. You only need one set of nodes to 'take' to call it rooted.

The part that roots, of course, is the node(s) nearest the main stem. As I said, it takes a couple or more months for it to root, and you might not be successful the first try, so just keep trying. Remove any leaves that would be under the soil when you bury it, and where these leaves were removed is called a node and that's where the roots will form.

Where you removed the limb, a new vine limb will start to grow and make your plant fuller - cutting/trimming is a GOOD thing! If you are unclear on anything, please feel free to email me.

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hummingbird_2002(5 WA east)

Thanks Kay,
I am so excited to think I might be able to root some of my plant. I will let you know how I fair. Thanks again.

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Can Stephanotis be propagated from seeds.I propagated some about two weeks ago and still nothing, with this heat I didn't have problems with my other seeds. If I do stem cuttings, when is the proper time to do the cuttings and do you use soft wood or hardwood stems. I would appreciate any help...gunca

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I have seeds from pod. Can anyone tell me the best way to germinate them?

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The site linked below will tell you just what you need to know!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to grow Stephanotis from seed

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