Neighbor's Trumpet Vines taking over my yard

cdodsonSeptember 7, 2006

I moved into my house 9 years ago, and they had a small portion of our adjoining fence covered with the vines. I remember thinking, oh how pretty! They used to be contained, now they just let them go. They have been growing up the sides of my house, causing the paint to strip away when they are pulled off, growing inside my garage in boxes I have stored, behind the washing machine, all over my back yard now which I have worked at keeping neat, and now they are working their way to my front yard. I used to have a nice little strawberry patch on the far end of the fence, but they have ruined that for me as well. My dog dug a hole so she could plop her big belly down in it to watch me do my yard work, and when she got up I noticed big roots coming from the other side of the fence.... trumpet vine roots.

I have asked the neighbors three times this year since spring started... PLEASE can you cut them back before they reach my roof and gutters and start taking them over too? They said sure, we just need to set a time to do it (WE?) They did a small portion at the front of the fence, but what about the rest of it? This is what I asked them in a second attempt to get them to do something about it a month later, while they are in full growing force. Again, nothing happened, and when I went over and asked them what they were planning on doing and that if I ended up doing it on my side, I would use RoundUp. They said "Do what ya gotta do." Now it's obvious they don't have any plans to do anything else.

Okay, that really got me steaming mad. They are not MINE to cut back. They are destroying my house slowly but surely, and every year it gets twice as bad as they are multiplied. I have checked places in the city to see if there is any kind of law or something that can be legally done about this as it will end up being property damage. Turns out there is nothing I can do about the vines, but I can file a small claims suit.

My question is, has anybody had a problem like this with neighbors who refuse to take care of their own vines or invasive plants? I really feel this is not fair to me, and before this they have been great neighbors, but if I have to, I will file a small claims suit because I cannot keep doing this, and in the end I will end up having to dig up half my yard to get rid of all the roots. They may be growing in places I'm not aware of, like actually up into the house somewhere I can't see them. I have killed them in my storm drains also. These are on my property so the city cannot do anything about this either.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome. I don't want another spring and summer like this year. I have plenty of my own yard work to do!

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All you can do is destroy what is on your property. Our neighbors have white pines that have grown so large that they are hanging over our property and dropping needles in our pool everytime the wind blows. The lower branches are also damaging our fence. We hired a company to cut back any portion that was overhanging our property. Good luck getting rid of the trumpet vine, I've been trying to kill one for 8 years. You can try spraying Round-up on the stumps that you cut. It might help keep it at bay but won't kill the plant.

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Think about it. You won't be able to get rid of the trumpet vine, unless you call in a professonal, and still your neighbor probably won't do anything, and let it continue to grow. Also, if you file a claim aganist your neighbor, there will always be tension in the air, and your peace of mind will be at risk. My suggestion is to MOVE. If you do anything else, it may open a can of worms you may not want to deal with. Can you imagine every time you are in your yard, your neighbor glaring at you, and hopefully he's not the vindictive kind. Sorry, this is the only answer I know, unless you pay him a special visit and tactfully let him know that something HAS to be done. :) arum

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onesherri(z5 OH)

I would say to spend some money on some weed killer that can be used on the lawn and be aggressive with it until it is under control. Spray it every week and it will eventually stunt its growth though it will not kill the plant. Then in the fall just watch for those pesky seed pods. I am in the process of killing mine for all of those reasons that you just stated and it is not easy but I have it completely under control for now.

I know it doesn't seem fair to have to deal with the neighbors problems but if you want to keep peace it is cheaper to buy round-up and put a few minutes a week into it than to have to nasty neighbor wars. Good luck !!!! Sherri

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Sherrie, aren't you concerned about putting all those chemicals into the inviroment? It also sticks to the feet, and we carrry it into the house, which is dangerous for the whole family. Especially for the amount of chemicals one would use to try to eradicate Trumpet Vine. I would be concerned. :) Arum

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Thanks for the replies. Well, I'm not moving! I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on getting the house ready for sale, then put money down on another house, all because of lazy thoughtless neighbors. I can get those anywhere I move. I have been using RoundUp all spring and summer. I just didn't expect to have to use it in my garage! I do have a pair of shoes I use just outside for yard work and take them off before coming into the house, as well as the clothes I wear while spraying. I hate to use the RoundUp, but I honestly cannot figure out another way. I haven't tried the weed killer that can be used on lawns. Does it really work without hurting the lawn? I think I read somewhere also that Weed and Feed has something in it that may stunt the growth of the vine a bit. I know I will never get rid of it completely, I would just like to spend more time on my yard than trying to kill what is coming from their side.

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Yes, what you say makes sense. It's sad that some folks don't "love there neighbor", as they should. I guess the best thing you can do is to dig as soon as you see it. :) Arum

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Arum, I am one of those crazy, lazy round-up supporters and I know that a lot of people don't like to use chemicals but they make them for this exact kind of reason. Some things cannot be gotten rid of with out them. I would certainly agree that if there is a baby in that area of the yard, maybe it isn't a good idea.

I have tried pulling and pulling trumpet vines and they just come right back up so the only way I know is to use a chemical on it. AS for the weed and feed, I have not used that but have been using the elimator weed killer for grass and it does work. There are times that you are not supposed to use it. For example if your grass is stressed from a lack of rain, it can damage your lawn but otherwise it doesn't bother mine. The weed and feed might be a good back-up plan for those seed pods or preen. But only if you don't have an animal roaming in that part of the yard. I don't now that preen is safe for them. Sherri

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Well Sherrie, I know your frustration. I went down to the swamp and got some Arrowhead, and "laid" it by my pond. I couldn't decide if I should plant it or not, and in the mean time, it took root by it'self and before I knew it,it had made it'self half way around my pond. This beast puts out hard tubelar bulbs under the ground, and it spreads like wildfire. Man O Day, talk about a pest!!! I had to dig up everything around my pond, because it had grown into the clumps of all my perinnials. I thought I would never get rid of it. Never again! I don't like to use chemicals, but sometimes it's necessary,and although I didn't have'ft to, I can understand why one might have'ft to. :)

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All this is old but anyway...Check this out on youtube... It's called ..what else?- "My Neighbor's Vine"

Here is a link that might be useful: My Neighbor's Vine

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Why not kill the vine with kindness? Fill jars with dilute Roundup solution (3 parts water, I part Roundup), place ends of vines in the jars through holes in the lids and seal the jars by twisting the jar, not the lid. The jars can be hidden by shrubs or other vegetation. The vines will gladly take up the Roundup/water solution and be grateful for the additional water. Top off the solution in the jars as needed with additional solution as the vines take in the water and transport the roundup into their roots. Next year, the vines will be very unhealthy if they even survive the winter. Repeat the second year if necessary. All the roots are probably interconnected, so all parts of the vine in your yard and the neighborâÂÂs yard will eventually die. Commiserate with the neighbors when they express sadness over the unexplained death of their beloved vine.

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Musarojo, that sounds ingenious! :) I actually love that idea. I had one about 3 years ago and my husband and I spent 2 weeks digging up every root and removing any vine. we placed a bed of ferns over the area, and they are now well established. Yesterday while strolling I found an errant trumpet sticking out from under a fern! Argh!
I did want to add, You can permanently kill any cut stump, vine or root by applying a nice, thick coating or REAL enamel paint to it.

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Your neighbors have probably given up. Trumpet vine is almost impossible to eradicate. Using Round-up as suggested is as good as you will get. There (once upon a time) was a product that would kill trumpet vines when it was painted on the vine. (Vine-X) but that company went out of business.

Be sure to use the Round-up for vines, not regular Round-up, since it at least contains the ingredient that made Vine-X effective.

Good Luck in what will be a long battle.

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Check with your county extension agent. He might know of something farmers use that will take care of your problem. Since your neighbors said "Do what ya gotta do" that is exactly what I would do. There are stronger chemicals than Round-Up, and sometimes they need to be used. Since the fence is shared, cut off anything you can see and reach and they can have what is left on their side. Why should you care how they feel when they have no concern with the mess they have created?

I planted a young trumpet vine my 'friend'??? gave me, but now I am having first, second and third thoughts. It is on a split rail fence, with no neighbors within an acre or more, and surrounded by fields and a highway.

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

I forgot to add, your neighbors must be extremely lazy and careless because 'my friend' who gave me a start of his trumpet vine does not have that much of a problem controlling his huge vine. He has it on a substantial trellis and while new vines due pop up, he cuts or digs them out. It is really gorgeous when in full bloom.

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A song on 'youtube' that relates, check it out! :-)

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I have the same problem with my neighbor. I agree with everything you are saying. Their vine has ruined our lawn and killed one of our trees. We have talked to them several times and all they do is cut it back but don't even try to get rid of it. They have an extremely large backyard and their vine is on their back fence. We have even found this vine on the front side of our house near the foundation. I have tried the jars of Round Up idea, it didn't work for me. But I also have hundreds of small shoots in my yard. I dig them up but they just come back.

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I am having the same trouble with 2 neighbors; one beside me and one behind me. The one beside me I am very good friends with and she lives alone and has health issues so I cannot expect her to do very much on her end. But she told me I could do whatever I need to do. I had a landscaper over to look over the issue and his suggestions to get rid of the vines for good is for him to bring in a ditch witch and cut down into the ground to destroy the roots. So that is what I am going to do on that side. Now, the neighbor behind me I am going to take to court over this issue and the more pressing issue is that he came into my yard and cut two trees down. So that is the main reason for taking him to court and this will just be a bonus issue to bring in from of the judge! Hope maybe the ditch witch suggestion helps you! Good luck.

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So, I put herbicide on the trumpet vine suckers by placing them in bottle of stuff called "remedy".. Now my neighbor is suing me for "maliciously killing" the trumpet vine. I don't think she'll get anywhere but it's cost me $3000 in lawyer fees. I'm in Oklahoma.. Poor me...
So now I've agreed not to harm the trumpet vine and it's coming up all around my house foundation and all through the yard. What a nightmare! I'm thinking about putting in an artificial lawn using AstroTurf,,

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