Piles of paper, is there a better way?

marauder01September 14, 2008

Hi all,

I'm drowning in a sea of junk mail and newspaper here. I guess like many others, use the council recycling bin as much as possible, but I'd love to take care of most of the paper myself.

I can fill more than a large (70lt) garbage bag(tightly packed) with shredded junk mail / newsprint per week. I currently use this as bedding in my Reln Worm Factory, and also layer it in my 2 x 250lt compost bins with kitchen scraps etc., but it's not enough!

Is there a way of optimising a worm setup to take care of large ammounts of paper?


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squeeze(z8 BC)

not unless you have a very large worm setup .... maybe you should try returning the junk mail to it's origins and start a bit of fuss about the excess of it ... and newsprint is actually best recycled, so it can be repulped and reused


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Try getting your junk mail cut off. I had mine cut off two years ago and am only now starting to get 3 to 4 junk mail envelopes a week.

Here in the states there are a couple choices.

Direct Marketing Association, registering them is a buck US

Greendimes.com., registering with them is 20 bucks but they keep tabs no your account.

You could use them for mail from the US and you probably have something like it in Canada.

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I called the phone number of each piece of junk mail sent to me and requested that they stop sending me stuff. I rarely get anything other than the weekly grocery/coupon fliers.

It's free, and only takes a few minutes.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

I guess I could use the newsprint straight back to recycling (pulp). No probs. It just seems a shame to waste so much potential! LOL. Perhaps I can reevaluate when (if) I move to a larger scale worm-ery..

I'll try the other methods above too.

Thanks guys

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I always figured it's better to have more paper than foodscraps since too much food can cause the bin to go sour and worms can survive on only newspaper or cardboard (don't quote me on the latter, I read it somewhere on here)

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I like to pull the return envelopes from the junk mail and stuff two or three pieces of ripped up junk mail from different places in it and mail it back.

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