worm leachade

Dolphin201238September 4, 2013

i have 2 worm farm bin both with plenty of worms but not much juice. Have both covered to keep rain out am i keeping them to dry

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Most people here will tell you that if you are getting fluid out of the bottom of the bin, you are overfeeding. Other than that, without looking at the bin, we can't tell you whether it is too dry.

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I do not think you are keeping them too dry.
I think you are getting worm information from a poor place.

If the bin is dripping it is a sign the bin is not functioning properly because the vermicomposter has not been getting correct information.

The only exception I know of is one poster here that purposefully runs the bin in a watery state as a harvest method.

Other than him everybody else talking "worm tea" is thinking that decayed food drainage is not the worm killer it is.

The exception there is real worm tea which is brewed from harvested vermicastings.

P.S. I do not have a problem with putting kitchen scrap drainage into the bin. But the bin should not drip drainage and become a bath of acids and other things other smarter posters will fill in the blanks in my post.

If anything drainage means not enough bedding.

Can the person who wrote the instructions for these worm farm things please come on here and tell us what their thinking was or correct their bad information and put it in all new worm farms sold?

Somehow they have messed up the axis of the earth and I do not think it can be set right.

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