need help/ideas on constructing a worm bin

CelbriseSeptember 29, 2012

i been vermicomposting well i wouldn't say vermicomposting since their isn't a lot of worms in general just a very slim few.

anyways i been doing it in a 5 gal bucket and i want to move it to a more shallow yet wide container and i got a good one. a cooler an old wooden cooler we never use im not sure if it has a spiget or anything but it's just a regular cooler but wooden.

now i do NOT own a drill so i was wondering is their ANY way i can aerate this bin while leaving the lid on? i don't want to remove the lid and screen it or something i want to modify the lid so i can allow air in.

again i do NOT have access to a drill i would lvoe to drill holes in it to make it easier but i can't don't have money nor neighbors who have one any ideas?

the outside is wood but the cooler itself is the plastic cooler like thing so the wood won't rot or decay.

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Is this to be indoors or outside?

Why keep the plastic at all?

Yes the wood will rot out over time but wood in good shape to start with will last a few years, longer if it is hardwood.

If you just have a plastic bin and need to put holes in it use a large nail and a hammer and punch holes in it.

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it will be an indoor bin. it can't be kept outdoor it will fry the worms it gets too hot outdoors not are their any shaded areas at my house.

it's a wooden cooler. basically you take one of those large plastic white containers build a wooden frame around it and thats how it is. the wood and plastic are fused together with glue most likely it's a beer cooler novelty cooler it's not 2 seperate coolers to begin with it's both plastic and wooden. the frame is wooden the cooler is plastic.

i will try to find a large nail and hammering it in hopefully this works i will try this tomorrow after school i need to make a new worm bin and a bigger one as well

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