New worm in bin

mndtrpSeptember 21, 2009

I've been ignoring my flow-through for a while now. I'll occasionally toss in some coffee grounds or other food, a little bedding here and there, as well as some sort of fluid for a bit of moisture.

Anyway, I popped off the top and found a bunch of skinny white worms crawling around. These weren't pot worms, which I've had a few times, but much longer and skinnier. A google search makes me guess that they are Enchytraea.

Has anyone else ever had these? I'm not too concerned at this point, so I'll see what happens if I leave them alone.

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Enchytraeidae is a group of worms which includes the species known as potworms. Wikipedia'd it.

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Yes, that is what google told me as well. And yet, I've never had these worms, while I've had pot worms several times.

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From what I know these thrive in very moist conditions. Aquarium keepers raise them as feed. They are part of the decomp process so should not be a problem. If you are trying to get rid of or minimize them maybe try holding back on adding fluids.

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